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Reason for hash name: Lost in the mists of time, back when the Treaty of Rome was being signed, when HWH3 was only 5-strong, and  when people invented their own hash names...OK, so not all that different to the present day, given Roger's 'Random Name Generator'!

IGSH evidently stands for 'Interglactic Superhero', which contains none of the usual hash overtones of cynicism, sarcasm, or delight in an unfortunate/embarassing accident. In other words, Gerry is long overdue a renaming!

Also known as: Gezza, The Archaeologist

Most likely to say: "Those pile of bricks over there actually belonged to a Roman mausoleum 2,000 years ago..."

Least likely to say: "I do so love this new modern architecture; it's so fresh and uplifting..."

What the hash think...

All the runs set by IGSH

1756 20 Aug 2024The Lions of Bledlow, BledlowIGSH   Details
1738 9 Apr 2024The Chequers Inn, Wheeler EndIGSH   Details
1718 28 Nov 2023The Squirrel, BookerIGSH & SWMBO   Details
1700 1 Aug 2023The Chequers Inn, Wheeler EndIGSH   Details
1665 13 Dec 2022The Squirrel, BookerIGSH & SWMBO   Details
1662 22 Nov 2022The Palmer Arms, CressexIGSH & SWMBO   Details
1608 23 Nov 2021The Chequers Inn, Wheeler EndIGSH & SWMBO   Details
1592 3 Aug 2021The Squirrel, BookerIGSH & SWMBO   Details
1559 25 Aug 2020Booker Common, Booker, High WycombeIGSH & SWMBO   Details
1531 15 Oct 2019The Squirrel, BookerIGSH   Details
1510 28 May 2019The Frog, SkirmettIGSH   Details
1477 2 Oct 2018The Old Queen's Head, PennIGSH   Details
1467 31 Jul 2018The Fox, IbstoneIGSH   Details
1449 27 Mar 2018The Squirrel, BookerIGSH & BigFoot   Details
1430 21 Nov 2017The Old Queen's Head, PennIGSH   Details
1421 24 Sep 2017By the bridge, BewdleyIGSH   Details
1385 17 Jan 2017The Chequers Inn, Wheeler EndIGSH   Details
1367 25 Sep 2016By the bridge, BewdleyIGSH   Details
1359 2 Aug 2016The Stag & Huntsman, HambledenIGSH   Details
1322 24 Nov 2015The Cock & Rabbit, The LeeIGSH   Details
1313 27 Sep 2015Outside the Market House, LedburyIGSH & Waldorf   Details
1304 28 Jul 2015The Palmer Arms, CressexIGSH   Details
1290 21 Apr 2015The Stag & Huntsman, HambledenBigFoot & IGSH   Details
1266 11 Nov 2014The Red Lion, WhiteleafIGSH   Details
1249 22 Jul 2014The Palmer Arms, CressexIGSH   Details
1231 18 Mar 2014The Hour Glass, SandsIGSH & BigFoot   Details
1208 8 Oct 2013The Crown, HazelmereIGSH   Details
1196 30 Jul 2013The Palmer Arms, CressexIGSH   Details
1161 20 Nov 2012The Peacock, HentonIGSH & Moist   Details
1141 24 Jul 2012The Palmer Arms, CressexIGSH   Details
1124 27 Mar 2012The Frog, SkirmettIGSH   Details
1120 28 Feb 2012The Le De Spencer Arms, DownleyIGSH & BigFoot   Details
1058 15 Feb 2011The Osborne Arms, Lane EndIGSH   Details
1026 27 Jul 2010The Palmer Arms, CressexIGSH   Details
1001 26 Jan 2010A car park, Great MissendenIGSH   Details
988 10 Nov 2009The Fox, IbstoneIGSH   Details
972 21 Jul 2009The Palmer Arms, CressexIGSH   Details