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Keyboard Ken

Reason for hash name:

It's obvious 'innit? Because he plays he guitar and the harmonica. Keyboards - who said anything about keyboards???

Apparently this hash name has been passed down through the annals of time, although anybody who has hashed with HWH3, will know that Ken is renowned for something else...his inability to judge distance. Then again, perhaps it is Ken's ability to judge distance precisely but to lie about it completely which has so unnerved hashers over the years, as terms such as a 'kenometer' [random unit of distance - the only thing for certain that it is a damned sight more than 1km long!] have entered the lexicon. 

Also known as: 

Most likely to say: "It's a relatively flat hash and relatively short..." [which usually begs the question, 'relative to what?'!]

Least likely to say: 

All the runs set by Keyboard Ken

1743 14 May 2024The Fleur De Lis, StokenchurchKeyboard Ken   Details
1713 24 Oct 2023The Black Horse, Great MissendenKeyboard Ken   Details
1694 20 Jun 2023The Fleur De Lis, StokenchurchKeyboard Ken   Details
1675 7 Feb 2023The Plough, CadsdenKeyboard Ken   Details
1646 2 Aug 2022The Leathern Bottle, LewknorKeyboard Ken   Details
1598 14 Sep 2021The Chequers Tree, PrestwoodKeyboard Ken   Details
1583 1 Jun 2021The Dashwood Arms, PiddingtonKeyboard Ken   Details
1547 4 Feb 2020The Swan, Great KimbleKeyboard Ken   Details
1518 23 Jul 2019The Royal Standard of England, Forty GreenTwinkle Toes & Moneypenny & Keyboard Ken   Details
1500 19 Mar 2019The Fox, IbstoneKeyboard Ken   Details
1471 28 Aug 2018The Spire and Spoke, WatlingtonKeyboard Ken   Details
1440 23 Jan 2018The Fleur De Lis, StokenchurchKeyboard Ken   Details
1412 25 Jul 2017The Crown, Ley HillKeyboard Ken   Details
1381 27 Dec 2016The Fox, IbstoneKeyboard Ken   Details
1362 23 Aug 2016The Queens Head, CheshamKeyboard Ken   Details
1339 15 Mar 2016The Crown, RadnageKeyboard Ken   Details
1306 11 Aug 2015The Fleur De Lis, StokenchurchKeyboard Ken   Details
1285 17 Mar 2015The Leathern Bottle, LewknorKeyboard Ken   Details
1255 2 Sep 2014The Fox, IbstoneKeyboard Ken   Details
1246 1 Jul 2014The Swan, Great KimbleKeyboard Ken   Details
1226 11 Feb 2014The Beaconsfield Arms, High WycombeKeyboard Ken   Details
1198 13 Aug 2013The Fleur De Lis, StokenchurchKeyboard Ken   Details
1153 25 Sep 2012The Red Lion, Britwell SalomeKeyboard Ken   Details
1143 31 Jul 2012The Gate, Bryants BottomKeyboard Ken   Details
1116 31 Jan 2012The Brickmakers Arms, Wheeler EndKeyboard Ken   Details
1091 6 Sep 2011The Horns, Crazies HillKeyboard Ken   Details
1073 24 May 2011The Swan, Ley HillKeyboard Ken   Details
1055 25 Jan 2011The Potters Arms, Winchmore HillKeyboard Ken   Details
1029 17 Aug 2010The Crown, PishillKeyboard Ken   Details
1021 15 Jun 2010The Red Lion, WendoverKeyboard Ken   Details
1004 16 Feb 2010The George & Dragon, West WycombeKeyboard Ken   Details
976 18 Aug 2009The Fox and Hounds, Christmas CommonKeyboard Ken   Details