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Reason for hash name: As an avowed 'Shortie', Mick is usually one of the first back in the pub - yes, he has even been known to beat the 'Very Short Walkers' if the beer has been particularly promising! You see that's the keyword here - beer - Mick is, what is known in southern poncey circles, as an aficionado (for the northerners present, that means he likes beer...a lot!)

Usually Mick will sit in judgement with his old mucker, Barney, and together they will slurp, swallow, and pontificate aloud on the quality of the ale and the 'chipping' provided...often very 'aloud' if the beer is exceptionally good or bad. Rather like those two crotchety old gits (Stadler & Waldorf) from The Muppet Show, who sit up in the balcony and comment incessantly on the show below...[note: Mick is the better upholstered of the two].

Also known as: 

Most likely to say: "Ah, that's a right tasty drop - well below the plimsoll line!"

Least likely to say: "Do you have anything lighter - this is a bit strong for my taste..."

What the hash think...


All the runs set by Waldorf

1758 10 Sep 2024tbaWaldorf   Details
1673 24 Jan 2023The Three Horseshoes, Seer GreenWaldorf   Details
1610 7 Dec 2021The Prince Albert, FriethWaldorf & Truly Scrumptious   Details
1537 26 Nov 2019The King's Arms, CookhamWaldorf   Details
1505 23 Apr 2019The Red Lion, Knotty GreenWaldorf   Details
1473 11 Sep 2018The Lions of Bledlow, BledlowTruly Scrumptious & Waldorf   Details
1443 13 Feb 2018The Full Moon, Little KingshillWaldorf   Details
1413 1 Aug 2017The Old Five Bells, BurnhamWaldorf   Details
1374 8 Nov 2016The Full Moon, Little KingshillWaldorf   Details
1346 3 May 2016The Wheel, NaphillWaldorf   Details
1320 10 Nov 2015The Old Bell, Wooburn TownWaldorf   Details
1313 27 Sep 2015Outside the Market House, LedburyIGSH & Waldorf   Details
1283 3 Mar 2015The Green Dragon, Flackwell HeathWaldorf   Details
1252 12 Aug 2014The Royal Oak, Bovingdon GreenWaldorf   Details
1227 18 Feb 2014The Hope & Champion, BeaconsfieldWaldorf   Details
1207 1 Oct 2013The Jolly Farmer, Cookham DeanWaldorf   Details
1181 16 Apr 2013The Bird in Hand, Princes RisboroughWaldorf & Truly Scrumptious   Details
1173 19 Feb 2013The Black Lion, Well EndWaldorf   Details
1151 11 Sep 2012The Three Horseshoes, Seer GreenWaldorf   Details
1119 21 Feb 2012The Jolly Farmer, Cookham DeanWaldorf   Details
1089 23 Aug 2011The Derehams Inn, LoudwaterWaldorf   Details
1061 6 Mar 2011A car park, HambledenWaldorf & Barney   Details
1059 22 Feb 2011The Bee, BurnhamWaldorf   Details
1044 16 Nov 2010The Black Horse, ChorleywoodWaldorf   Details
1030 24 Aug 2010The Flower Pot, AstonWaldorf   Details
1012 13 Apr 2010The Three Horseshoes, MarlowWaldorf   Details
1002 2 Feb 2010The Falcon, Wooburn MoorWaldorf   Details
987 3 Nov 2009The Jolly Farmer, Cookham DeanWaldorf   Details