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Whipping Boy

Reason for hash name: Once upon time, when Simon was only lightly fluffed in the facial hair department, he turned up to a hash at The Pink & Lily. Among the first of the hash to return to the pub at the On-Inn, he got changed, and went in for a drink. The pub was rammed to the gunwales on account of a birthday party or something, so he found a quiet corner and waited for the rest of the hash... and waited... and waited... and waited (this was so long ago that mobile phones hadn't been invented... I daresay even the ordinary phone was a relatively new device) and then gave up and went home - only to find out later that everybody else had agreed to go down to The Whip for drinks. Hence the hash name, 'Whipping Boy'.

Also known as: The Swan, Captain Quiz

Most likely to say: "Check it out!"

Least likely to say: "No, it's OK, I'll take the hilly muddy rest there a second..."

What the hash think.....

All the runs set by Whipping Boy

1750 2 Jul 2024tbaLouise & Whipping Boy   Details
1733 5 Mar 2024The Swan, West WycombeLouise & Whipping Boy   Details
1711 10 Oct 2023The Green Man, PrestwoodWhipping Boy & Louise   Details
1659 1 Nov 2022The George & Dragon, West WycombeLouise & Whipping Boy   Details
1625 8 Mar 2022The Golden Cross, SaundertonWhipping Boy & Louise   Details
1601 5 Oct 2021The Swan, West WycombeLouise & Whipping Boy   Details
1523 27 Aug 2019The Le De Spencer Arms, DownleyLouise & Whipping Boy   Details
1495 12 Feb 2019The Pack Horse, WendoverWhipping Boy & Dashwood Dick & Louise   Details
1460 12 Jun 2018The Thatched Cottage, MaidenheadWhipping Boy & Louise   Details
1432 5 Dec 2017The Leathern Bottle, LewknorWhipping Boy & Louise   Details
1400 2 May 2017The Bricklayers Arms, DownleyWhipping Boy   Details
1371 18 Oct 2016The King & Queen, WendoverWhipping Boy & Louise   Details
1340 22 Mar 2016The Boot, Bledlow RidgeWhipping Boy & Louise   Details
1310 8 Sep 2015The Rainbow Inn, Middle AssendonLouise & Whipping Boy   Details
1278 27 Jan 2015The Swan, West WycombeLouise & Whipping Boy   Details
1242 3 Jun 2014The Le De Spencer Arms, DownleyWhipping Boy & Louise   Details
1214 12 Nov 2013The Pink & Lily, Parslow's HillockLouise & Whipping Boy   Details
1179 2 Apr 2013The Red Lion, HurleyWhipping Boy & Louise   Details
1147 28 Aug 2012The Boot, Bledlow RidgeWhipping Boy & Louise   Details
1079 5 Jul 2011The Hampden Arms, Great HampdenWhipping Boy   Details
1066 5 Apr 2011The Bird in Hand, Princes RisboroughWhipping Boy & Muttley   Details
1038 5 Oct 2010The Harrow, Hughenden ValleyWhipping Boy   Details
1011 6 Apr 2010The Leathern Bottle, LewknorWhipping Boy   Details
992 8 Dec 2009The Tree Hotel & Restaurant, Cadmore EndWhipping Boy   Details