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Hash 1424


10 Oct 2017
10.78 km
Scribe: Moose

Anyone who has gone to a car breakers to try and find a part for their old banger will have noticed the way the cars are stacked, one on top of another. They are stacked this way so as to maximise the available space, rather like the way the car park looked once the hash had finished parking. Thirty cars in twenty spaces. Happy with the way this had gone, Hawkeye got this evening's episode of all things hashing underway, with the usual pep talk much of which we had heard before, all of which would be ignored. Leaving the very full car park and irritated pub punters behind we sped into the night.

Now this is where it gets a bit sketchy for me, Hawkeye very kindly gave me a map when we got back, a great help when writing the log, so thanks for that. Lost the map! I know I know, managed to get it from the pub to the car, from the car to the house, and from there to the dining table, and then bam! Lost it. Its going to turn up soon, probably next week when I don’t need it anymore. Just in case you're wondering its not in the bin, its not in the dog, I don’t have one, and its not still in the car, I’ve looked, three times.

Some evenings are dark, this one was very dark, it made the hash look like a string of fairy lights as we started off down the lane behind the pub. A long lane on and on until at last a check all the time Ken keeping up with us, he was walking. Right into a field, down a track, past a farm and up to the road. Stop rest, breathe wheeze, in out stagger. Then over the road, woods, lane, and T junction, somewhere. Loggers stopped progress, made us take a detour, but great display of green lights from the lorry parked up. So no entry, down the road, long road, but at last another check, into the woods up the trail to the back of the backwoods arms. Looked but could struggled to find Mike’s memorial plaque. It was hung on a tree, that fell over in a storm, then put on a telephone pole, which was replaced by a mobile phone mast, which was then up graded to 4g mast and then taken down. Its now back on a tree, but needs an application of Brasso, to bring it back to its best. For those of you not born in the 50s, Brasso only three ha’pence a tin, buy it or nick it from Woolies but they might not have any in.

So with it getting late, and beer and chips awaiting, on inn to the pub. Mr Chips please take note. Last week there was so many chips I had to take some home with me in a doggy bag. Lots and lots of chips last week, but not as many as this week, they just kept coming. A large amount was served, this was then topped up, and topped up again. Please, please no more! But more came, eat up there’s plenty more where that come from, another plate full, keep eating. This is getting scary. I’m getting out of here. No, don’t leave yet have some more chips. No fear, out into the cool night, into the car, got to get away, hand brake turn into the road, point the car towards Wycombe, drop a gear disappear.....