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Hash 1465


17 Jul 2018
10.06 km
Scribe: Whipping Boy

A great turnout for this hash, we were joined by members of Hughenden Ladies running club, and a number of other first-timers, including this one guy whose typically understated presence may have escaped your attention, a veteran runner from the Washington DC Hash (though with close links to the Moscow Hash) with startlingly-coiffed flyaway blond hair and very small hands; his hash name is, apparently, Tangerine Dream. Anyway, he was kind enough to provide us with this write-up:

"Tonight I have been on the hash with a great organisation, really fantastic, the best running club, the Hi Why Come Hashing House Harriers, led by a really good friend of mine, my best friend, we really are the best friends and he's doing a terrific job over there in the Wycombe area, absolutely a great guy, Ade Moose. We had some great conversations and I think, we think, he thinks, I think that we reached some strong agreements and, he's doing a great job, really terrific.

"We ran from The Bounty, the first time I'd been there and it was fantastic, as good as ever, really terrific but a bit open, too open in fact, I would build a wall around it, the best wall, really big and strong too, so strong, but anyway we set off on what the Brits - great, great friends of mine, really good people - call a hash run, across the Thames - which is a wonderful river by the way - via a footbridge, then along the Thames river, which is entirely made out of water, out over the fields and up a hill - a huge hill, the biggest hill, bigger than the hills you've run up, really big, I saw Ade Moose's house from there, a fantastic house - until we reached the top of the hill, where I promised I would enter - and win - next year's London Marathon, which will definitely happen as I never go back on anything I say at a summit.--colbreak--

"At this point a breakaway group of despicable people, really terrible, called the Shorts, split away and ran away back to the pub - pathetic! They should not be allowed to come on the hash, truly terrible, terrible people - SAD!

"We did some more running, I was the greatest runner, really good, terrific in fact, and then we got back to the pub where there were lots of french fries and beer - I drink beer really well, I'm the best drinker of beer, and covfefe too - and a speech from my close friend, we get on really well, he's a great guy doing amazing things and a strong leader of the hash, Gee M. Roger III Jr. He presented a t-shirt to a beautiful young woman, I love beautiful young women and I can say modestly because I'm probably the most modestest person that they love me too, and I respect them, and she deserved that t-shirt and it had a great slogan on it, the best.

"I had a great experience with HWH3, they're a wonderful group of individual people doing fantastic things, really amazing, and I look forward to working with them in the future days ahead which have still to come."

STOP PRESS - Later that evening, @TangerineDream tweeted the following:

I did not say that HWH3 is the best running club, that is FAKE NEWS! They are terrible people, Moose is worse than Morrissey, they are the worst running club - SAD!