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Hash 1541

Xmas Eve hash - 1pm.

24 Dec 2019
8.04 km
Scribe: Scribbler


Ah, maybe that's what Moose has been shouting all these years ...and there I thinking it was just a very bad frog impersonation...Ribbit! This was The Regroup Hash (I lost count after 10) Moose evidently having forgotten how to set On-Backs, or in some twisted Xmas spirit, decreed that the Hash should remain as one, intact, throughout Xmas.... Hashmus Intactus... there's a seasonal thought. Not.

Now, for those of you who like detailed directions on exactly where we went and what we saw, we basically ran up through the golf course to Penn and back down again.

For those who don't, here are the bullet-pointed highlights:

First Impression highlights

* WC ran here from Marlow Bottom & caught a Soo-ber back (or a Sooper Uber if you prefer?)
* Mr Eager made a rare Xmas appearance having gone all-out fancy dress (i.e. last year's Xmas hat
* Gerry was, on the whole, appropriately dressed; his top half was suitable for polar conditions, but his bottom half (a pair of very skimpy running shorts) made it look like he'd just come off the beach with a rum punch in hand. To be fair, Gerry generally winters away from the UK anyway, so maybe he just got confused as to where he was?!

Run highlights

* We were instructed to "Enjoy the views!" - however, most of us had an eye on the big black threatening cloud squatting over the horizon.
* The going was 'heavy' as they say in horse racing parlance; put it this way, after 3 Winter hashes, my new trail shoes do look properly worn in!
* Percy (Crazy & Sandra's new dog) made his first hash appearance - the sight of Crazy being pulled at high speed through hedgerows will soon become commonplace, but for now, it retained its comedy factor for those of us watching on.
* I missed Billy Whizz mooning in a bathroom along the way, like some twisted advent calendar where opening the wrong window gives you an eyeful...literally!
* At the top of the hill, in Penn, we decided that we could see almost everybody's house from there
* On the way back, given it was light (well sort of), the trail was clearly marked (well sort of) and it had started to rain (sort of heavily!), so an executive decision was made to ignore the regroups and head straight for the pub. After all, we are a running group with a drinking problem!

Pub highlights

* The General Havelock looked like it was going to Have-a-lock-in - the place was buzzing at 2.30pm! Good job the smoking ban came in some years ago as one spark, and all those acrylic Xmas Jumpers in one place would have started an inferno!
* Consequently, Roger's post-run speech was largely drowned out in the hubbub...something about New Year's Day perhaps? I looked to Ros for confimation, but she simply shook her head and downed her 3rd (or was it 4th pint?) in one gulp.

Cheers Moose for a lovely Xmas Eve hash - the perfect way to kick off those cobwebs in preparation for a week of overindulgence...before New Year's Day kicks off in a similar fashion at Roger's house!