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Hash 1547


4 Feb 2020
8.29 km
Scribe: Helles Belles

After our standard late departure we amazingly managed to arrive at The Swan in time for the hash briefing – how many Kenathalon’s would we be running this evening? KK promised a mere 5.5 miles for the long – obviously no one believed him and we set off into the dark expecting a long and
intrepid adventure.

Fairly early on KK set a hash cull trap with us crossing the railway moments before a train hooted past. No doubt with both driver and passengers wondering whether the lights in the dark where in fact some kind of alien invasion. As far as I am aware all hashers survived but if anyone is missing
next week we know where to look!

The hash then crossed the A4010, another opportunity to reduce hasher numbers, for the long / short split. I did overhear one hasher suggesting this should be the fast / slow split but there didn’t seem to be much appetite for this suggestion so the long continued, very slowly, up towards Pulpit Hill Fort. Thankfully we avoided the excursion right to the top but still enjoyed (!!) a long and steady climb. At the top we were promised beautiful views and sure enough the flatlands below were lit up like Christmas decorations.

We left the view and continued into one of the last remaining ancient Box woodlands in the Chilterns ………..In a small number of historic places in the Chilterns, ancient Box woodland exists as remnants of a habitat that was once more extensive. There are only three formally recognised native Box woodlands in the UK and the largest of these lies on the Chilterns escarpment near Great Kimble in Buckinghamshire. In these Box woodlands, rare lichens and insects have established niches over the centuries. (If you want to read more

Steps, and a narrow path, through the woodland meant the slow pace continued (and due my very sore throat I wasn’t even grumpy about it). It might a be short route for a Kenathalon but we were going to drag it out to take as long as possible!

Whilst we were enjoying our amble through the Chilterns countryside much merriment was made discussing various antics from the Christmas Hash Bash, especially the veritable delight of all our dancing skills. I also learnt from Ade that curry goes very well with pasta – must try it soon.

As we came back under the railway we started to realise the On Inn was soon going to be upon us, with some only on 4 miles at this point we were expecting the worst sting in the tail, but apart from some unorthodox On back’s allegedly added by our GM, there was no sting and we made it back to the pub with a record shortest ever Kenathalon! Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks ;-)

I recorded only 5.5 miles, my shortest hash in a long long time – very unexpected on a KK run.

Back at the pub we were greeted with platters of sausages and chips and a huge spread of baked goodies left over from the hash bash. Livvy was awarded her 150 run t-shirt adorned with her favourite Will Smith.

Thanks KK for breaking the mould and changing your Kenathalon habits and providing such an array of culinary delights (aided by Mia, Laurence & other hash bakers).

P.S. Reminder to all hashers – PLEASE DO NOT WEAR MUDDY TRAINERS IN THE PUB! Thank you :-)