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The Stag & Huntsman

The Stag & Huntsman - Hambleden

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HummeryA lovely little pub nestled in front of a very unlovely hill (from a runners’ point of view), lovingly refurbished with plenty of snuggles!


Overheard on the hash (21st April 2015)

“Can you see if I've been bitten, down here? ” [Zorro, running ahead, pulling down his shorts to expose a red mark on his bum crack]

 “What a fantastic clear night for stargazing. Look, there's Venus just past the moon....and over there is Saturn, and you might be able to see Jupiter” [Zorro getting deep] “Well Zorro, we’ve already see Uranus, so I guess that makes a full set now?!” [Matt bringing the tone back to normal]

Oy, you two, none of that!….I’ll be the go-between until you’re married” [Sooper interrupting Dick & Tash kissing] ”Does that mean you’ll be kissing Dick from now on? [Assembled group to Sooper]

 “Ah, that would be back when the Brakspear Brewery shut….” [Paul’s starting point for any historical fact, from the Magna Carta onwards]

”Paul did hit his head pretty hard when he moosed back there….do you think he’s had a Quantum Leap and gone back in time?” [Andy marvelling at Paul’s grasp of historical facts]