Friday 18 to Sunday 20 September 2020

Hash Away Weekend XXXX

A message from our glorious leader:

A while ago, I was asked whether the Hash Bash, to Littlehampton in September, was still on.

My reply was that we would plan to go, until it was demonstrated that we couldn’t go.

Unfortunately, the turning point was the receipt of an email, yesterday, from the YHA in Littlehampton, saying that they would not be open.

So I, and the rest of the group, that have booked there are out on the street.

Given this and the material uncertainty about what we might or might not be allowed to do, come the time, I propose that we cancel the event (in Littlehampton) for this year.

I did consider the option to delay the decision, but decided against because:

a) it introduces uncertainty about when, or whether, to seek alternative accommodation,
b) the longer the period between cancellation of a booking and the stay date, the more likely a
satisfactory outcome,
c) I personally think that there will be a significant evaluation period before the rules are relaxed
enough permit our group size and activities.

One of the options we will be given is to rebook at a later date.

I think the merits of Littlehampton have not changed and would like the Bash to take place there next year, when the odds are very high that a Covid vaccine will have changed the group landscape.

I would like, therefore, to run the preferred date survey somewhat earlier than usual, where you
can indicate your preference for some/all of September 11, 18, 25 and Oct 2 in 2021.

[ed: the link to the Survey is posted on the WhatSapps and Facebook group]

If we can do this in a timely manner, we can then use this when/if attempting to re-book.

As a significant number of us have made ourselves available for the week-end of Sep 18-20, it would be a shame to not use the time hashly, and perhaps replicate some of the activities we would have done in Littlehampton (assuming they are permitted), but based around accommodation in our own homes. Feedback welcome.

So, sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but, at least we are all relatively well and healthy.