Saturday, April 17, 2021

Berks Bike Bash

The following details are from Dippy. In order to simplify / complicate things futher we're sorting out a couple of HWH3 specific groups. Probably best to check the Whatsapp group for details or get in touch with Matt.


Forwarding message from Dipstick:

I have just recce'ed the 17 mile trail. It is flat with a few muddy bits but not too bad. It is a meandering trailing through some picturesque villages and past some notable sights including the local refuge tip that almost puts Staten Island to shame!)

It is not technical (unless you want to try to ride up or down steps!!) Everyone should get around it in 2 hours. I managed it in under 1.5 hours with a bit of double-backing and checking out different trails en-route. I expect the fast ones of you to take less than 1 hour 15. I may add an extra little more technical loop on for those who want it, while waiting for the burger van orders.

The trail will be clearly marked so shouldn't be any need for doubling back or checking out routes....

I have asked the burger van to set up for 1.00pm. I have attached photos of the menu.

Those who would like to attend could email me by 10th April 2021 stating Bash 17th April 2021 as subject with

Your full name
contact number for track and trace
your expected time to complete the flat 17 mile mostly off road route (fast people I expect 1 hr 15 min)
Your order from the Brunch Box (burger van)

I will send an email to you by Tuesday 13th with the meeting point and your allocated arrival and setting off time.

To keep within the recommendations of Cycle UK for bike rides, we will need to park in group of six and keep in these groups throughout the briefing, the ride itself and after the ride. We will park in groups of six. This arrangement will keep us within the 15 person limit on group sizes recommended by both Cycle UK and the British Cycling Federation even if two groups happen to coincide at junctions at the start.

Maintain two-metre social distancing between different groups of six and to the walking, riding & running public met on the trail.

Give way to pedestrians and horse riders on trail as we always should do.

In order to facilitate this arrangement, I am hopefully going to get the use of a private security controlled car park (provided that we comply with the current Covid Regulations).

As you all know, If you have Covid19 symptoms or had a positive Covid test before the ride date it is your responsibility to self isolate.

Hope to see you all on the morning of Saturday April 17th.

On, On