Date : 01/06/10
Hare : Rocky Road
Scribe : Moose
Venue : The Red Lion
Hounds : 31     Dogs : 0
Recorded distance : 0.00 km
Recorded time : 0.00 min
Uphillness : 0.00 ft

Hashopoly, hashing the board game. Thank you for purchasing Hashopoly the hashing board game. Please open the box and check that you have all the pieces. You should have a board, a carpark, some hashers, some assorted dogs, and a set of cards in various catorgories. Do you have all the pieces, good then let’s play a trial game. First set the car park on the space for car park. Now arrange your hashers and dogs in the car park in small groups. Now select a pub from the pub cards, The Red Lion at Coleshill.

Now select a landlord. You have a number of options, ie, grumpy, pleasant, up his own space etc. Pick a hash terrain card, do you want your hash to be muddy or hilly or maybe coolwith a strange hot and sweaty element. Throw the dice and lets get started. Good down the muddy stony path into the field. Throw again good its getting interesting, look you have now arrived at a road.

Pick a chance card, it may say stand by road, it may say stand in road, it may say leave dogs in road. Now shout petrol and proceed. You will see now that you are moving through some fields. Pick a card for some extra peril, excellent, flock of sheep, and large bull. Shout on on, so as to alarm the bull and run quickly on.

We have now reached the woods, these are always entertaining Throw the dice again, and look we are going into the woods, A 3 would have been better as that would have allowed us to go back to the pub. Move on. Here you must check that no one has drawn a moose card, as that would mean that they would have to throw themselves to the ground at the first convenient opportunity, thus loosing points.

Continue playing, working your way about the wooded paths. Notice you have now landed on a rogue square, take a card from the action stack of cards. You will see that you have picked the leary hasher. He will shout and swear for no apparent reason, combat this with a solution card, it may say, ie point and laugh at hasher, run from hasher or take the micky for at least 15 minutes.

Out of the woods you have an injured hasher, again to the solution cards resulting in ie leave hash on side of road and get on to the pub, laugh at hasher and take the micky, shoot hasher, send hasher back to pub. Throw dice and move on.

We are into the fields once again, pick a peril card, oh look llamas, that’s a good point scoring card, here you may want to customise your llama, shave off his wool and give him an affro, he does look silly, no wonder he’s got attitude. On-on to the pub.

Pick a chance card, it reads no chips, reason ie chef's off, kitchen's on fire, landlord’s got a stropp on, hare is on diet. Pick the pub card, it reads, dart's match on, move to other bar where you will be safe. Final score - excellent.