Date : 15/06/10
Hare : Keyboard Ken
Scribe : Barney
Venue : The Red Lion
Hounds : 29     Dogs : 4
Recorded distance : 0.00 km
Recorded time : 0.00 min
Uphillness : 0.00 ft

Well sometimes, just now and then you do get a beautiful clear summer evening and lucky old ken picked the right one. An idealic spot for a slow run to take in the ambiance of the rural Englishness that is Wendover. The Red Lion has an arched access off the High Street to a car park at the rear with another rear access to a residential close. A short and eager address from ken to state the length of the trail was either 6 miles or 4 miles and that it was all laid in flour as usual. Crafty Ken agreed the trail needed checking out at the front in the High Street and nearly all the hashers (like sheep….Ba….Ba..) ambled into the High Street in search of phantom flour. Hence a slow start to proceedings before the deception was realised and the trail called though the back of the car park along an alley and across a park with a bubbling stream to jump before the first check where the youth of Wendover hung out.

The park gave way to a church and an exceptional village scene accompanied by church bell practice as we set about a more serious run checking out “The Ridgeway Path” and a long steady up hill track that gradually increased in gradient through Barn Wood. Fortunately involving some relief for a few of us as the fitter of us elected to run across some extra contours on two additional loops as the paths criss-crossed through the wood. Crossing a lane and pushing on through more mesmerising wood confusion grew at the next check to the point where many bold hashers willingly checked and called it steeply downhill only to be called back and then to add insult to injury not 100 metres on up the hill a confused Ken had to agree they were right and so back down we set off to the tune of Grand Old Duke of York and his 10 thousand hashers.

Great relief and ease to be running downhill and soon a long/short split was announced by an impatient Ken with threats of a chip less evening if we didn’t open our legs and get a wiggle on back to the pub before the chef went home. As the fit long trail hashers had peeled off and headed for the heights of Wendover Wood we ambled onto the lane at Hale Cottage and over the stile with Ken spurring us on knowing it was still a fair way back to Wendover. Time waits for no hash and no hash can wait to get back to the pub, the relentless track skirted around the base of Boddington Hill to reveal a spectacular sunset and the edge of Wendover in the distance. Soon we were heading down a lane towards the residents of Wendover with Ken way ahead eager to arrange our chip supper. In co-ordinated sympathy with the rest of the hash we arrive at the pub just as the FRB’s of the long trail arrived back. Excellent run Ken, if a bit longer than the originally declared 4 and 6 miles, as for the mountains of chips on silver servers it topped an exceptional summer evening