Date : 20/07/10
Hare : Hawkeye
Scribe : Helles Belles
Hounds : dunno     Dogs : 0
Recorded distance : 0.00 km
Recorded time : 0.00 min
Uphillness : 0.00 ft

So, it’s Sunday night, had a long weekend of merriment at our friend’s pub and now got to try and wrack my brain to remember what on earth happened last Tuesday night!  This could be tough…….

Well it was Graham’s hash from the Royal Oak in Farnham Common.  Having just got back from ‘the freezing North’ I was struggling to re-acclimatise to the balmy Southern evening.  Graham did a fine job of trying to give a full hare briefing while certain members of the hash continued to chat as usual, outrageous!  This could be why I’m not entirely clear of the length of the planned routes…I think something like 3.5 miles for the short and just under 6 for the long.  Also the GM welcomed a Shanghai Hasher who’d come back to Blighty to enjoy some good old summer hashing – particularly enjoying seeing some trees if I remember rightly!

So off we went together with Aud looking tanned and refreshed from her hols! The route started on the tarmac, with near perfect markings en-route.  Was Graham a sign writer in a former life?  

As we got off road, although the paths were concrete-like anyway, we came to the long short split.  Dan tried a sneaky escape with the shorts but we put paid to that with a healthy dishing of pier pressure! (Ed’s aside:  Helen possibly means Peer pressure – “Pier Pressure” is a nightclub at the end of the pier in Aberystwyth and she must have had a very good weekend indeed to get all the way there!) -   I’m sure he thanked us for it in the end ;-)  

The longs then continued up across a field of very handsome chestnut cows!  Normally I’m not a huge fan of running through herds of cows but Dick and I concluded that these looked like particularly happy and laid back cows, in fact we decided that they could all be called Daisy as they looked so friendly!  Ade seemed to want to put this to the test and went over for a chat but I don’t think the cows were convinced by his vegetarian status and looked very wary, keeping a safe distance from the scary hasher and his 118 twin!

I think Graham may have then planned a hash cull by setting the course straight over the A355 on a notorious accident hotspot!  On the basis of natural selection the hash must be pretty healthy as we all made it across safe and sound.  A hash miracle.

Another strange occurrence of the evening was the discovery of a bizarre local custom of leaving boxes of books throughout the countryside to lure unsuspecting hashers.  And by the haul that made it back to the pub I suspect it may have worked!  Aud brought Nick the very thoughtful gift of a road map of France, Ade went with Sooper’s literary recommendation and I got ‘How to run a Marathon’ – about time I found out how to do it properly!  Particularly looking forward to the sections on PMT, Make up and Bras, I’m sure there’s some invaluable tips in there!

Back at the pub Jo from Jaws, aka my new best friend (such a nice girl!), displayed an array of options for some new hash kit.  A brilliant idea.  Dick bought me a beer and Graham laid on plentiful and very tasty chips – a perfect end to a most enjoyable hash!

Oh I almost forgot to mention Aud’s courgettes…………….who says size isn’t important!! ;-)