Date : 30/11/10
Scribe : Kamikaze
Venue : The Crown
Hounds : 29     Dogs : 0
Recorded distance : 0.00 km
Recorded time : 0.00 min
Uphillness : 0.00 ft
It didn’t seem like 7 days since I set my hash last week and the ground was certainly more frozen with plenty of ice, ice baby at the end of the road. I got to the chosen pub with a little time to spare before we were to start.  I counted about 19 men in black, oh and a woman or several including baby Jane , Maggie May, two little boys and Mr Blobby – you decide!

It was Jo’s hash and as we waited with patience, there was much happy talk as the runners greeted each other saying hello and chirpy, chirpy, cheep, cheep some might say before we were called to shuddup your face.

We looked for the flour which Jo promised she had laid, but we couldn’t find any due to the snow covered ground, which was a whiter shade of pale. She soon sent us off round the back of the pub and we were directed to keep on running across the recreation ground. Fairly soon the two tribes were at making your mind up time as to the length of the run they were to endure at the long short split. If they were to stay with the longs it would be ooh aah just a little bit further.

 I went with the longs and we turned right towards Cockshoot Wood and left down, down, way down towards Hughenden via Church Lane.  The FRB’s overshot the first visible check on route and had to get back as the only way is up. We then crossed a field where it is not unusual to see a combine harvester or smell something in the air.

We plodded on for a long while up towards Cryers Hill and there ain’t no doubt that Helen was very excited to find some visible on backs on the way. It was a killer hill and things can only get better when we reached the top. We turned right at the peak towards the recently demised Royal Standard and past along the lane where we were told don’t speak there’s a country house over there. It was then left across another field when the going gets tough the tough get going as the wind chill felt nothing like in the summertime at all. We entered a built up area past some parked cars and we could then relax as the on inn approached.

We normally aim to reach the house of fun by 9pm and we missed this target by half an hour a little dizzy from our breathless exertions. Once in our house Barney collected the money, money, money and it was tosca night. This month it was awarded to the joker who ran in only a t-shirt and shorts on such a cold and frosty night. Congratulations to Graham for 50 runs. It was also announced that from January we will have to telegram Sam as he leaves for Canada then. Baby Jane reminded us of the upcoming santa run on 11th Dec and Matt said don’t forget to get your suit for the do they know its Christmas fancy dress run on 21st.

Thanks to Jo for a perfect run and then it was back home to pray for warmer weather next week.

PS – Can you spot all 57 number one song titles!!!