Date : 14/12/10
Scribe : Daniel
Hounds : 29     Dogs : 0
Recorded distance : 0.00 km
Recorded time : 0.00 min
Uphillness : 0.00 ft
I’m feeling good about myself as I pop into the car for tonight’s hash.  My sat-nav indicates I will arrive with four minutes to spare – a true feat for me.  However, just as I pass junction 3 on the M40 I can see the red lights of cars breaking ahead and triumph turns to defeat.  I suspect it’s nothing more than a pheasant off to the side of the road (as just about any animal near the motorway seems to cause a tremendous amount of commotion in this country), so I relax and listen to a compelling interview with Elvis Costello on Absolute Radio.  15 minutes later I finally reach the problem area and it is a “proper” accident with an ambulance and everything.  I do hope that no one was seriously injured – human or fowl. 

Driving into Marlow I catch a glimpse of Ade and a few other hounds searching for blobs along the main thoroughfare – at least I’ll know one part of the trail, if Aud hasn’t left additional arrows for any latecomers.  After five minutes of looking for parking and I am finally off.  It’s not long before I catch up to Phil and Graham who were also caught in the M40 congestion and were now trying to recover from a misunderstood arrow.   With the three of us now testing and interpreting the newly laid flour we finally catch up with the pack at the Long/Short split.  We arrive just in time to catch wind of the latest dilemma for the night:  if an on-back number is placed after the check circle, should it be carried out before or after the correct trail has been determined?  We do weigh some heavy thoughts while hashing – no wonder I’m always so thirsty when we finish each run.

Having finally caught up with the pack in time to bid farewell to the shorts, my recollection of the nights events fade from here.  I recall heading up through the woods with faint, if any, flour to guide us along the way.  The hare made a last minute change to the route to avoid a larger stretch along the main road west of Marlow ... a short-cut which surely added on an extra km to the evening ... and I recall running past the church on the Thames where Kerry and Kevin tied the knot.  Finally returning to the donkey we were greeted with the GM and a man who claimed to be a photographer.

  Apparently, whilst the longs were still out on the trail, David decided to pimp one of our number.  At first he seemed to fancy passing along Helen, but when the “client” showed a prefence for a local lad – Super Cooper was offered without hesitation.  Haven’t heard any news of the photo shoot, but sometimes these things are left unspoken.

Thanks for the Chips Audrey!