Date : 03/05/11
Hare : Moist
Scribe : Legover
Hounds : 31     Dogs : 0
Recorded distance : 0.00 km
Recorded time : 0.00 min
Uphillness : 0.00 ft

It was a good start to a hash. The location & pub are well liked and there was immediate talk of the great beer awaiting the hashers return. There was still plenty of daylight and while it was a bit nippy after a balmy April, this did help to keep sweaty armpits in check (not that this is a problem for the glowing ladies of the hash!) Everyone was pleased to see Anthony with well protected palms.

The hash set off promptly and at a fair pace, taking them up a footpath and quickly into a churchyard where the first bluebells were spotted. A sharp turn then saw some hashers taking a corner off through the graves, while claiming they were treading on no toes, but who can tell? The route continued round the church and on through some woods where I spotted a couple of glades of bluebells in full bloom. These, I think were the best display of the night, as the date for blooming bluebells had once again proved hard to predict (I think we were late last year too?)

With no on backs to challenge the most FRB’s of the FRB’s, there was an early but heartfelt call for a regroup which were just about acknowledged and vaguely acted upon before the hash was off again. A short stop, at what I think was a false trail, gave just a few moments rest before the hare led the SRB’s straight down the correct trail and off out into Hedgerley Park. By now Mike had asked for the split more times than we can count, but as usual was ignored, as we first had to make it across the motorway.

The great views and lack of shiggy meant the hash could concentrate on talk of last week’s wedding.  Even those who had resorted to avoidance tactics with a bike hash to Wales seemed to have had a very merry time of it and for a bunch of miserable old *****, I didn’t hear a single word of criticism, except perhaps there was a bit too much wind for some ( hey at least it wasn’t Moose’s!)

The long short split was finally called and the long runners headed off past Bullstrode Mansion, which it turns out is now owned by WEC or Worldwide Evangelisation Crusade, who seek to take the gospel to those who have not yet heard it – not quite the corporate training centre I imagined, but pretty swanky nevertheless, though how it contributes to their mission, god only knows….

As we headed out over Bulstrode Park. Maggie, Roz & Phil were noted to opt for a sneaky short cut while a fast pace was set across the open grass towards Camp Hill. Once at the far side Paul knew instinctively it was time to head for the beer, and he immediately checked out the path running back across the park.  He was right.  As we took a sharp turn back on ourselves, we spotted Matt & Roz leaping across the park as they spotted a chance finally to catch up and took the simple choice of one side of a triangle, rather than everyone else’s two.

The light was finally fading and torches came out (last time for a few weeks?) as we headed through the tunnel under the motorway to the tune of caterwauling hashers. With the light going, so does my memory, and so we will end back at a snug pub and much licking off lips as the beer was chosen.

Thanks to Phil for a well set hash (more flour than last week) and to Ken for offering to organise the next hash weekend (remember Ken?)