Date : 10/05/11
Hare : Sarah , Speedbump
Scribe : Moist
Hounds : 42     Dogs : 0
Recorded distance : 0.00 km
Recorded time : 0.00 min
Uphillness : 0.00 ft

The usual motley crew gathered at the Earl Howe for Sarah’s very first hash as hare.  David introduced a very embarrassed looking Becky, our new virgin hasher to the assembled mob.  Sarah showed why she is a good teacher with a very clear explanation of tonight’s rules while keeping the masses more or less under control; even Mike was less noisy than usual. A dutiful looking Anthony kept his place in the background.

Off we set at a blistering pace through the streets of Holmer Green past bemused looking local residents.  I for one assumed we would be heading across the main road and into Penn Woods, but no....Sarah had a more cunning plan.  We turned left past the allotments and across the fields, enjoying the late spring evening sun.  Ah ah, now we are going across the road and into Penn Woods, but no.......Sarah had a more cunning plan and we carried on across the fields, well placed on backs keeping the pack together.  Meanwhile, a dutiful looking Anthony kept his place in the background

It was about here that Ros and Matt caught us, carrying the now emerging tradition of competing with Ade and Helen to be the last to arrive each week (that used to be my goal, before Graham and I started car sharing!).  According to Sarah’s map the next section was for both long and short cutters, but I have a sneaky feeling that there was a bit of judicious extra short cutting going on as we came back up the road to meet a bunch of grinning SCB’s as they watched the remainder of the pack turned around by a 20 back!!

Mike was, as always, very happy to see the long short split as was the rest of the pack who could now enjoy the remainder of the hash without having Mike cry “is this the long short split?” at every check!  Sarah went off with the shorts leaving Anthony to drag the shambling pack of long cutters around the rest of the hash.  Even as chief assistant hare, he made us all feel tired by running from the back to the front of the pack at every opportunity.

The long took in a lovely run over the fields north toward Little Missenden and we were rewarded with a beautiful view down in to the valley as the sun gradually set over the Chilterns.  The much missed crys of “you can see my house from here” rang out as we passed a rather splendid looking farm house on the enjoyable romp down the hill into the village. 

It was here that Roger regaled us with storys of the many murders that had taken place in the village during its spell as the set for Midsummers Murders, and guess what – not a black or asian face in sight.   Time was progressing now, and at every opportunity expectant FRBs tried to go left in the general direction of the pub.  After short detour through the very pretty village we eventually did go left to be greeted by one of the longest hills we have done for a while.  Not too steep, so you couldn’t really give up and walk, but a long pull with at least two on backs on the way.  Maybe next week I should give the short run a try?! 

The track brought us back into Holmer Green where we were taken on a short tour of the village past Rogers house where, on the pavement, was written in best hare flour “you can see my house from here”.  The welcome sight of the Earl Howe greeted us shortly after.

There was some dispute (as always) in the car park about the length of the route, my GPS showed 5.9miles, but Kevin insisted it was nearer 7.  Anyway, a good run and great chips in the pub.  Well done Sarah (oh, and did I mention that a dutiful looking Anthony kept his place in the background?)