Date : 27/09/11
Scribe : Waldorf
Venue : The Eagle
Hounds : 37     Dogs : 0
Recorded distance : 10.24 km
Recorded time : 93.65 min
Uphillness : 589.00 ft

Now with Hawkeye nursing a crook knee, but bravely hobbling round part of the trail, it falls to me to write it up, mainly ‘cos I’ve managed to miss my turn previously by being away the week after my run – sneaky huh!  Anyway, it was one of those nights when, about a minute before departure time, there was hardly anyone in sight and then, as if by magic, hashers appeared from all corners.

Instructions & The Boot(1)
After the usual instructions from Roger, he mentioned that his boot “was full of goodies which would fulfil all your desires”. Various image bubbles formed I am sure, these probably ranging from a four kilo bar of Cadbury’s finest, to a page three model, to a topless fireman replete with six pack but these images soon went pop as we were called on on.

The Run
Left called and left again up Cherry Lane to a footpath crossing where we have previously always gone right towards Shardloes but, breaking with tradition, it was on up to the top with some complaints about the immediate hilly bit. At the top, adjacent to the A413, we went left across a field to quickly lose the altitude gained and then squeezed along a derelict path full of trip hazards and, I guess, at certain times wino’s, to emerge in some sort of ornamental flower beds next to the road.

On right and then left up a track where much conversation regarding the abundance of sloes and other choice berries took place with our “good lifer” Aud advising what is possible with a little picking, illicit or otherwise.

We came to and gingerly crossed the bypass before shimmying along a narrow, sloping path with a tree plumb in the middle of it before emerging onto a ploughed field which we were obliged to run across with many shouts of “incoming” as the quickies doubled back.

At the far corner we took a sharp left and, having felt reasonably pleased with myself for shortcutting the corner, I Spotted Hawkeye (who was still gamely hobbling along), Kerry and Aud  cutting off an even bigger chunk – excellent SCS work!

We came out on the road near Bury Farm and ran to the corner at which point the Eagle was an agonisingly short pull left down the old high street but, of course we turned right. As the vision of best bitter faded away, we arrived at the long/short split where the longs had the pleasure of a luvverly loop out towards Quarrendon Mill and back along the river Misbourne – which probably had no water in it.

Us shorts zipped along to Station Road which we jogged up pausing at the well tried and tested crossing path but, after the failure to discover any flour, we carried on on up.

At this point, local knowledge came into play with Mike insisting that we ought to be hanging a left which we duly did at the next footpath and, amazingly knowing Mike’s dubious navigational skills, we picked up the trail in no time at all.

A quick spin around Parsonage Wood followed with the cemetery coming into view after a nice downhill path. We ran through some sort of industrial units and found ourselves at the back entrance to the pub. This was, however, locked and, as the none too helpful topers in the garden told us they couldn’t open the door, we ran along the stream and on inn along Rectory Lane.   

 The Boot(2)
After Roger’s  lurid description as to the delights to be found in the rear end of his car, it was impossible not to be drawn past (very rare event to actually pass the pub!!!) the Eagle to where Roz , who owned up to having a birthday on the forthcoming Thursday, was waiting with welcome beers together with superb homemade “rocky road”, donuts of various flavours and other goodies.
The usual hasher feeding frenzy duly took place with Trencherman Mike going in with both hands if you will pardon the expression.

The Pub
Back to the pub where a good selection of ales, proper cider and Benchbreaker’s usual stentorian call to order and leading of Happy Birthday to Roz  were to be had and much enjoyed by all.

Thanks Roger for a good ’un and to Roz for a bootifull bootfull!