Date : 07/08/12
Hare : Speedbump , Sarah
Scribe : Keyboard Ken
Venue : Village Hall
Hounds : 38     Dogs : 0
Recorded distance : 8.32 km
Recorded time : 90.53 min
Uphillness : 611.00 ft

Something Old , Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue. That was the theme for Tuesday night’s fancy dress hash, celebrating the forthcoming marriage of Anthony and Sarah.
As is usual with fancy dress runs the costumes fell into two categories:

1.   those with day jobs whose costumes were concocted in under ten minutes and

2.  those who had spent many hours painstakingly crafting their outfits for maximum impact.

In the former group was Graham, who had carefully chosen an old tee shirt, putting him right up there in the Something Old section.Also Mike who was displaying a jaunty red garter. ( I think it should have been blue Mike) and myself having selected a baseball cap (Something New) my reserve running shoes (Something Old) and a pair of coloured socks I nicked from my son’s room (Something Borrowed and Blue).  Good that I'd made the effort I thought.  In fact with many of the assembled hashers it was a problem knowing if they had entered into the spirit of the occasion at all.  Unable to tell what might be old or new or if they usually wore blue shorts anyway certainly made it difficult to judge.

Competition in the 'Those who give a damn' category was fierce indeed. With Maggie in full bridal costume, Ros C in a fetching little salmon pink number, including matching hat, obviously going for the bride’s mother slot.  Helen came fully attired as Farmer Giles complete with Cornish accent. Nobody knew why and everyone seemed afraid to ask.

Roger arrived wearing his cool driving cap which we’ve seen before but saved maximum impact until after the run had finished , when he presented the car (wedding car?) which he had manufactured entirely from scratch, splendid vehicle indeed. Presumably Roger works nights, he can’t have a day job?

The run, ah yes the run. This turned out to be a four and a half mile trip (no short split available) through the woods to Little Kingshill, then a descent through 3 bean fields (what is it with farmers & broad beans this year?) into Little Missenden.   Considerable checking and froing led the hash out of the village up Toby’s lane, once a useful rat run now overgrown and not much more than a footpath.

After a mile of climbing the trail took us back into the woods causing some stress as nobody had a torch apart from Audra and Kai and nobody could keep up with them.  Eventually we popped out back in Holmer Green at Penfold Cottages (no Dangermouse jokes please).  Then on to the Bat & Ball where everyone declined the final rainy lap of The Common in favour of the comfort of the Village Hall.

Back at the hall Ant & Sarah had laid on masses of chips and goodies. Roger drove his car around the hall, did his GM’s duty then wished the happy couple congratulations on their forthcoming wedding, as we all did.

Well done Ant & Sarah, good hash!