Date : 11/09/12
Hare : Waldorf
Scribe : Barney
Hounds : 37     Dogs : 0
Recorded distance : 10.09 km
Recorded time : 95.20 min
Uphillness : 551.00 ft

Arriving at the venue found our hare Jonesy knackered from the hash weekend away where he’d run two hashes and set one of them and was now setting and about to run another………is this stamina or foolishness?.....”Your chance to vote now”.

Anyway it was all beginning to get to him as he complained bitterly about the Seer Green natives hovering up his liberal amounts of flour and eradicating the trail including the regroup at the long/short split.

All this worry and we also had to remember what DOL meant.

Roger introduced this week’s virgin hasher Steve Woody in his virgin white tee shirt displaying proudly to all WOODY is 40.

An immediate start out of Seer Green took us pass the local second hand car dealers’ lot where the first check was completely ignored by the many. Called back we made our way along the estate roads to a footpath across fields and along the edge of a wood to emerge onto a narrow lane turning left down the lane to another check on the corner at Widmer Farm.

The trail was called on further along the lane to a footpath on the right and across a field and into a wood with the unusual name of Starveacre, maybe for hungry hashers?

Soon we found in flour DOL for “Dogs on Leads” and across the A355 Amersham Road and up a long lane to the regroup where the longer trail headed into the wood while the shorter turned left up a posh driveway to a palatial pad secured by gates and railings. The path deviated to the side skirting round the privileged residence before continuing through a field and back onto their driveway back to the A355 main road.

Swiftly crossing the road we entered a wood where thankfully ample blobs of flour kept us en-route through the meandering trails that discharged us back near Seer Green at the bottom of Bottom Lane.

A fenced footway lad us between the ample gardens of the comfortably off residents of Seer Green climbing steadily up towards the village centre where the proud owners of ex council house dwellers resided and so to the parade of village shops and the welcoming Three Horseshoes with ale and chips to consume and time to relay our thanks to Mick for his days of endurance hashing.

 Having recently ran my 900th hash with HWH3 I received a fine tankard and thought this would be a good time to take stock of the tee shirts and tankards that have been showered upon my running/drinking efforts during the past 19 years. So digging deep into my wardrobe of memorabilia I uncovered this lot……………….