Date : 27/11/12
Hare : Hawkeye
Scribe : Moist
Hounds : 42     Dogs : 0
Recorded distance : 9.88 km
Recorded time : 81.83 min
Uphillness : 572.80 ft

It was a wild and windy Tuesday night  as Graham called the assembled rabble to order in the car park of the White Hart.  There was already grumbling in the pack, not only because of the cold wind, but also because a rumour was circulating that it had taken Hawkeye 4 hours to lay the trail earlier that day and he still hadn't been able to see where the flour was.  "At least it's not raining, and it can't be as muddy as last week" quipped some eternal optimist.  Just then the rain started.  Graham explained that the route was urban and mud free  and that he had laid a couple of "Gerry backs" using some left over masks from last week's run.

We set off through the back streets of Beaconsfield, being duly respectful with our "on ons!" in such a posh area, and the rain shower passed over.  This was looking up after all – mud free and no rain! 

After a short while we reached the main Beaconsfield to Amersham road and those with local knowledge started to realise we were about to cross it and go out into the woods and golf course – and the mud.  Whipping Boy was so confident in the route that he sacrificed his normal role of organising the checkers to cross the road and lead the way.  We set off across the muddy field, quickly realising that Graham had used the hare's prerogative of completely lying about the run when he said it was urban and mud free.  The first of many normal on backs (plus two Gerry-on-backs especially for him) kept the pack together until we reached the first long short split. 

The longs went straight on into the woods as the shorts, and the hare, turned left.  It was about this point that Paul performed an impressive head plant moose, covering his newly washed hashing trousers in mud.  It will be the last time this winter that he bothers to wash them before the run!  We cut across the golf course, struggling to find the footpath out of the course in the very dark night (note to self – must get some new batteries for my head torch!)  We went along the road a bit before cutting off through yet more muddy woods.  At one point we struggled to find the trail, leaving us just for a few minutes, wondering if we would ever make it back to the warmth of the pub without the hare.  Graham had, however, laid the trail well and we were soon back on route and found our hare waiting for us further on.  We crossed the main road again and headed back toward Beaconsfield through yet more boggy woods.  Eventually reaching civilisation we took the opportunity of a few nice puddles to clean our shoes.  Alan employed his local cycling knowledge to help speed us through the back streets, across the railway line and back to the on inn.  We arrived back at the car park only a few minutes after the short cutters and were pleased to head back into the warmth of the pub for some well earned beer and chips.

Dick reminded us of last week's discussion of the need for an automated hasher washing machine – nicknamed "the hashamatic" – a prototype of which is currently under joint development by Prof Pat Pending, Wallace & Gromit, and Heath Robinson!

It being Tosca night there were awards a plenty, including a tee shirt for the hare for 150 runs and the award of the prestigious monthly lifetime award to Gerry for (still) the muddiest run of the year so far last week.  Thanks to Hawkeye for a well laid trail and plentiful chips!