Date : 19/02/13
Hare : Waldorf
Scribe : Chicken Licken
Hounds : 41     Dogs : 0
Recorded distance : 10.24 km
Recorded time : 94.48 min
Uphillness : 465.40 ft

So we all gather at the Black Lion in Well End for another freezing run! Our hare, Mick, called everyone to order and gave us the lo-down on what to expect and thankfully we were being spared the puddles, lakes, mud and snow that the previous week had to offer. Well, not quite spared, but it wouldn't be as boggy, we were promised!

This week we were also joined by a virgin of a different kind… Alan's shiny, new, yellow bike! And might I say, what a butch thing it was! Several of the ladies couldn't resist getting a firm grip round the wide girth of the tyres, the size being the impressing feature, each one large and knobbly, rock hard and ready for action!

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A big welcome back to Ken this week too. Five weeks away but recovering and back running, looking very well I am pleased to say.

We set off and soon came to the Spade Oak Gravel Pit, running round it Ade told me how he used to come here years ago to go fishing. He and his friend both felt a strange presence but not knowing what it was carried on fishing for a while longer, until the feeling of being watched drove them home. Later he was told that a girl had been murdered by the water some years ago. Spooky! I suddenly wanted to run very quickly away from that haunted gravel pit! So now it's cows and ghosts that turn me into Forrest Gump! Run Forrest, run!!

After the jaunt round the eerie pit, we crossed the railway line and ran along the river admiring the boats. Back over the river railway line a couple more times and we reached the long short split. Alan seemed to be enjoying breaking in his new bike, it was starting to look less shiny and yellow, and a little more brown and muddy, and the tyres didn't look as appealing as before, no one was touching them now! I asked Sandra if this was the new love in his life… turns out it was! I jokingly asked if he slept with it next to him in bed, and I nearly fell over when Sandra said 'yes he does'!! AND there was photographic evidence! When I received the photo, I also discovered the bike has a name… Pugsley! Awww! It is true love! I hope this doesn't mean Sandra has been banished to the spare room to make way for the bike!

Quite a few on-backs and checks kept us together and a good debate on the Oscar Pistorius bail hearing. Was he telling the truth and shot thinking his girlfriend was an intruder, or was it premeditated murder? All I know is that the next time I go to the toilet at night, I'll be taking a sign to put on the door to let any gun wielding boyfriend know I'm in there… just in case! I'd like to think Pistorios is innocent of premeditated murder, but one thing is certain, he won't have a leg to stand on in court! [groan]

As we sensed the end was nigh and eagerly looking out for the On Inn, we found Mick, his car boot open and flapjacks, doughnuts and cake on offer to celebrate his birthday! A welcome break, then a short run in to the pub. More food awaited and plenty of large chip platters came out. Roger did his usual speech, but it wasn't all good, it was Bryony's last hash for 6 months as she was jetting off to Australia to chuck another shrimp on the bar-bie and have a few tinnies with Sheila! Good luck Bryony, and thanks Mick for a great hash!