Date : 19/03/13
Hare : Mr Eager
Scribe : Rocky Road
Hounds : 35     Dogs : 0
Recorded distance : 11.83 km
Recorded time : 108.02 min
Uphillness : 944.40 ft

Bon soir tout la monde! Nous sommes arrivés a The Belle Vue mardi soir de 19 mars. Qu'est que c'est 'the Belle Vue' - la vue de Hgh Wycombe vers the Rye ou un tren?

Les hashers sont pret por courant. Marc welcomed un virgin hasher, comme Barney est arrive un peu en retard…tut, tut!
La crie "Allons -y"

No actually it was "ON, ON" and my school French isn't up to this!
So off we went under the railway, around a couple of streets, across the crossing and we were on the Rye.

A cheeky check at Pan Mill had someone on a wild duck chase.

We were soon running alongside the Wye and directed by arrows into the children's playground, as David explained to Cassie she wasn't allowed in.
Several hashers attempted the assault course whilst others hurried on only to be slowed by a flood across the path and the first cries of "shiggy". Several thought we were on a flat hash but we soon had a hill to climb.

Some crossed the Dyke by the waterfall on stepping stones, others cheated and ran up the bank. We were into Warren Wood and I heard the words 'short route' whispered to the few at the back. I quickly back-tracked to join the favoured few whilst several other short cutters missed the call. But it turned out to be the short/ short and we easily found the well marked trail back to the pub by 20:50. It was too cold to wait for the rest of the pack as requested, Mark. Sorry.

So what did the rest get up to…………….well,  they trickled back to the pub over the next 45 minutes in various groups, short/medium/long. The longs were regularly cajoled by Mark "only another mile" but they seemed to clock up 7+ miles on their gizmos and had circumnavigated most of Wycombe from Deangarden Wood in the south to The RGS in the north via the town centre, Terry Road and Lucas Wood. They also stopped in Shrubbery Road to look for the blue plaque showing Aaron's birthplace.

Back at the pub we were serenaded by the ukulele group.
It was a lovely dry, moonlit night and the Wycombe hash actually met in Wycombe, at a virgin pub too. Thanks Mark you'll have to stop the playing in playgrounds so the hash can get back to the pub before midnight!