Date : 21/05/13
Hare : Klingon
Scribe : Steady
Hounds : 25     Dogs : 0
Recorded distance : 9.51 km
Recorded time : 85.55 min
Uphillness : 844.10 ft

Christmas Common
A pleasant evening, not raining, that could even be described as hot in places. The Hare "Rob" informed us: "flour on the right; long 5.25; short 3.5; a walk of 2 point something; and a short cut", which unusually for a Hare turned out to be pretty accurate.

Audrey was walking, to safeguard her ankles for her long walk to Brighton at the weekend (hope it went well). A few virgins were introduced and a lost hasher found lurking in the Peak District (welcome back Howard), and another lurking in the carpark (welcome back Neil). The On On was called and indicated by an arrow at the car park entrance.

A long downhill run, had lots of us looking forward to a nice climb and we weren't disappointed. It was still daylight at the top of Watlington Hill so we paused to admire the expansive views across the Oxfordshire countryside, to catch our breaths (unfortunately we couldn't quite see Mooses house from here), and to let Matt & Ros catch up...

Having got to this point, and fully realising that our Hare had problems sticking to paths, the checkers split up covering all directions, expecting the trail to continue in an abstract manner, which it did briefly before heading straight down the track toward Watlington. We briefly greeted the walking party and their numerous dogs at a crossing of trails, before heading off to Dumble Dore.

After another uphill section, the short long split, and a superb downhill section, we were a bit surprised to find a check circle in the middle of the path. The only logical way was straight on… Knowing our hare however we spread out and scrambled uphill, through nettles and over fallen trees, along an invisible trail, only marked with flour. We regrouped in Greenfield Copse, in amongst a large swathe of blue bells, going on the gorgeous smell as the light was fading at this point. A short section of road work, followed by more testing for the checkers as we meandered through Queens Wood, and finally back to the Inn, impressed at the total lack of mud on the run (fortunately for Ants new looking trainers).

At the inn we were indulged with samples of meat pie filling, Yorkshire puddings, garlic bread, sausages and chips. As we had a section of the pub to ourselves, Roger took the opportunity for a naming session, and Ian joined the great HWH3 ranks as: - Frankenfurter, and the Toscar was handed over to Mike for one of the numerous things he's done in the past (eating chips, getting lost, etc etc..)