Date : 18/06/13
Hare : Hawkeye
Scribe : The Blonde
Hounds : 41     Dogs : 0
Recorded distance : 10.77 km
Recorded time : 80.68 min
Uphillness : 615.60 ft

Last Tuesday was a fine slightly sticky evening which nearly marked the start of summer. We dined in the garden after so it must have been close. The Queen wore 'blush' at Royal Ascot ( that's a nude pink for those of you not up to speed with 'haute couture' ) and we were smartly cruising around the car park of The Royal Standard. There were four 'blushing' virgins amongst the crowd although thankfully not in the 'nude' but clearly looking apprehensive as Hawkeye explained there were some 'undulations' to be expected, whatever that meant, otherwise quite straightforward.

On- check we found our way across the road and into the adjacent wood that linked up with the outskirts of Hedsor golf course. I was hoping we could spend some time making a circuit of this magnificent place but the long /short split was just up the road and the pace was picking up as we sped downwards through Woolmans Wood. I found myself with Linda and Kirsten (virgins) from the Burnham Joggers who were clearly enjoying the ambiance as I explained the complex rules of hashing. We heard some shouting from the back which confirmed rumours that the check backs were being ignored but in essence they had turned into what looked like blobs so no one bothered to turn around ( well Helen might have ) . The newcomers thought it great fun to witness all of the frivolity. I told them it went with the territory, so take note as it would make them expert hashers.

We were now in Bourne End slugging up the hills of Harvest and Kiln but unable to ignore the well marked check backs but eventually it flattened out at Wash hill and we moved into Farm Wood. Turning left we found ourselves in the quaint cul de sac of Berghers Hill which has a small assortment of individual houses all oozing character. So much so that one of our runners .. Ian .. I think, nearly bought one but decided against it as there was no parking. The blobs now went cross country over the fields of Over's Farm before heading back up the road in the direction of the pub. It was on this very road many moons ago that Phil was duped on his own hash and had to run through a puddle right up to his middle!

Millie, Cassie, David and Jane took a short short as it was Jane's first run in a year and 1 week. Sensibly she left the royal baby Zara at home looking after her father.  I believe the hare also retired at some point hobbling.  Back at the pub I was distressed to see Ade BRUSHING his flowing locks. Perhaps he had a walk on part in 'posh' the movie ?  What a lovely run Graeme, with crisps twiglets and chips after - so we really were treated like royalty.