Date : 17/09/13
Scribe : Helles Belles
Hounds : 23     Dogs : 0
Recorded distance : 8.84 km
Recorded time : 98.33 min
Uphillness : 448.10 ft

It started off a meagre crowd, unsurprising due to the very damp autumnal weather, but as we got closer to kick off more hashers kept appearing out of the gloom. Jo was very pleased at the arrival of 4 more victims, sorry hashers, as Audrey pulled in with a car load and at the last minute Audra found us having followed the trail of head torches. Much more reliable than using sat nav!

I'm now trying to remember which direction we headed off but, this may come as a surprise, I was busy chatting at the time and not really paying attention. I do remember that we struggled to find the flour at first but somehow the on backs where all there and helped us find the trail. We headed up New Road and into the woods at the top of Cock Lane (I would make a joke but just too tired for brain to work).

In the woods we all set about checking – well I say we all but it did seem to be a lot of Audra and I checking in the dark on our own, running as far as we could down the dark woodland paths until we got to scared and had to run back. I'm sure the boys were busy supervising somewhere ;-)

And Dick I hear was coming up from the rear – or so Jo was heard to say. I wonder what the locals would think was going on if they had heard.

We continued through Kingswood until a point where we ran out of flour and the hare declared that she wasn't quite sure where we were.............this may sound a little bit like we were lost in the dark in the woods, and it was a bit like that until our band managed to find some flour and we arrived at the long short split. At this point Audrey and I were in deep conversation and she nearly joined the longs by accident, luckily Kerry managed to saved her in the nick of time.

The longs carried on through the (terrorist) woods until we reached Terriers common. Here was the first pub we had to stand and regroup by without being allowed to go in. Though none of us were clear whether the Beech Tree is actually still open? We crossed the road and found the inevitable shiggy where Dan slipped around like a new contestant on Dancing on Ice – possibly time to consider some trail shoes?

Across Hazlemere Rec and a quick re-group at Jo's normal hashing ground The Crown. Still not allowed to stop for a beer . Instead we were given the option of a very overgrown path or short cut through the car park. All bar Sooper went for the car park option.

Back down to Kingswood where we bumped in to a suspicious looking bunch with head torches and dogs. Obviously the conclusion was that they were out 'Dogging', or so I was told? At the pub the shorts informed us it was actually Bucks Search and Rescue – now we know what Mr Bellamy gets up to without us.

Then up the steep hill out of the woods where we all marvelled at why Glen did 3 out of the 4 on backs - as he'd set them only an hour or 2 earlier so surely he knew where they were? At the top it was On On past my parent's road and along St Johns Road back to the pub where we met the shorts, who apparently did not get lost, and the walkers, Louise & Natasha, and lots of lovely chips.

Great hash Jo thank you - and not even a drop of snow!