Hit or miss - GM's 60th
Date : 25/03/14
Scribe : Helles Belles
Hounds : 38     Dogs : 0
Recorded distance : 9.91 km
Recorded time : 89.67 min
Uphillness : 923.70 ft

Writing this sat in the middle of a field judging a horse event - well, Aaron is (in theory) doing the judging and Bryony and I are running laps of the course collecting scores. Currently all on hold while paramedics sort out a faller so perfect time to write the trash. Which obviously we'd totally forgotten about as usual, and having written diligent notes on Tuesday I now can't find them so will have to rely on memory alone... oh dear!

So we arrived at the pub to find an interesting collection of weirdos - sorry, hashers - in costume, at which point it became apparent that there is a clear division in the hash between those who have watched Lord of the Rings and the rest of us that didn't have a clue!

Nicky made an excellent tree, I have no idea what reference it is to the film but the costume was great, especially the green pipecleaners in her hair! Maggie & Dave also looked great in their costumes as did the whole of Roger's clan. Mexican Des made a late arrival as the Mexican Dark Rider. Aud surely must win the funniest costume with her Lord Sugar of the Rubber Ring, she looked like a fraught businessman out of his depth; who knows what any passers-by would have thought?

On to the run: We left the pub and headed into Penn Woods and seemingly went round in circles.  Well us FRBs certainly ran round in circles with the quantity of on-backs, which meant we got to enjoy the shiggy again and again and again.

Eventually we left the woods and went past Penn Street church and came out on the common, tantalisingly close to the pub, but we were nowhere near done. We took a footpath out into the fields and then into the woods and headed on towards Winchmore Hill.  

Here I had a good look at the Silver Surfers Crew costumes (aka Matt & Ros, named by Biggus Dickus) - didn't manage to work out who they were not having seen the film. But the costumes were fantastic - especially liked the shoulderpads made out of shinguards. Matt did explain that Ros was his daughter; I told him that sort of thing was illegal!  Dick also came up with 'Spock with a smock' for Barney, and Aaron became the 'Transvestite Viking'.

Roger seemed to be aiming for a hash cull on his birthday by carrying a large stick ready to spear any unsuspecting hashers. We tried to warn him of the potential dangers but to no avail. Maybe he was too busy choking on his beard.

As we reached Winchmore Hill Common we started to wonder when we'd reach the long/short split, only to be told there wasn't one, we were all doing a 4-mile run together. Looked like lots more on-backs for the FRBs then. We carried on to the Plough and then basically looped back and headed back through the woods, up the field and as we reached the road we thought we'd be turning right and heading straight to the pub.  But this being a hash we went across the road into more woods and got to enjoy yet more on-backs. After a lovely ankle-breaking ploughed field to finish we reached the road and the on inn :-) I managed 7 miles on this 4-mile run so must have got to enjoy most of it twice - it certainly felt like it!

Back in the pub the festivities started with a fine banquet of huge chicken legs, plentiful chips and then rocky road and cupcakes.  Delicious!  Thank you very much Roz for all your efforts with the catering and waitressing – you did a fine job.

Happy Birthday Dodger!