Date : 24/06/14
Hare : Klingon
Scribe : Sarah
Hounds : 25     Dogs : 0
Recorded distance : 8.82 km
Recorded time : 92.72 min
Uphillness : 586.70 ft

The lightest hash of the year. As I set off I thought to myself that it would be a really busy as it's the lightest hash of the year and the beautiful weather outside. I was slightly wrong. When I arrived at the Fox and Hounds the car park looked really quiet. I thought for a moment that I was early as I had got a lift from Roger (I'm not normally on time let alone early). I wasn't, it was just a quiet hash! Our Hare gave us a puzzle to complete before we left: we are looking for pigs and a railway line. So off we went looking for our four legged friends and a train.

Just as we were leaving Hells Bells and Aaron arrived and shortly after them Jo appeared. This was a relief for Andy Pandy as he was getting worried that without Ant or Hells Bells that he would be doing most of the checking and on backs.

Off we set away from the pub down the road. Shortly we entered Queen Wood. This is national Trust Woodland. We were told in the introduction that as it was National Trust we could run along any of the tracks. So, us sheep thought we must be going all over the place. As usual, us hashers were wrong. We followed the same perpetual track through woods and across to College Wood. After a while we came across our first regroup of the night. You guessed it…Long short split. Not many shorts tonight, first thoughts in everyone's head were 'less competition for the chips'. Not even Mike was there (which was a shame for him because the hasher to chip ratio was looking favourable!).

On-on up into Greenfield Wood where upon we came across…pigs! Even Hells bells stopped running to look at them. After a while the hashers attention span diminished and we set off downhill. Eventually we came to a point we all recognised. We were back at the regroup where we had left the shorts. This time we headed through College wood towards Hollandridge Farm.

By the time we made it most of the way back to the pub we came across a familiar face…Ant! Roger asked what he was doing coming from that direction in a confused tone and his reply (in a shocked tone) 'checking!' (as if to say what a silly question!). Roger and I had a conversation just before 9pm which went: 

"I don't think Ant would set off now, it's nearly 9pm" said Roger. 
"I agree, if he has made it to the pub at all he would wait there for us. It is too late for him to be joining us" replied Sarah. 
"I'll stop adding extra flour for him" added Roger. So, when Ant did appear Roger asks "What time did you set off?" 
Ant replies "five to eight". 
"Five to eight?" questions Roger is a very surprised tone thinking why didn't he catch us up. I wondered whether a) he got lost or more likely b) he just got muddled with the time. When quizzed again Ant replied "No sorry it was five to nine I set off". In which case he must have sprinted around the short route to make it back to us!

Anyway, back to the pub where the hasher to chip ratio was indeed good. Matt was awarded his 100 runs T-shirt. All in all a fabulous, light and hot hash. Roast pork for dinner?