Date : 23/09/14
Hare : Helles Belles , Ron
Scribe : Dashwood Dick
Venue : The Wheel
Hounds : 35     Dogs : 0
Recorded distance : 10.01 km
Recorded time : 87.60 min
Uphillness : 733.00 ft

It's always good to start a run from one of the most hospitable establishments in the Wycombe area, safe in the knowledge that there will be great chips and an accommodating landlord at the end of the evening's folly puts a spring in one's step from the outset. So it was all smiling faces as Ron pointed out the route across the road past the village hall & into the dark woods, it also helped knowing that the shiggiest land had been deprived of its vital life blood for some considerable time & was for once not likely to be ankle deep or particularly extensive.

Having avoided the Naphill Triangle, where all ability to navigate seems to evaporate,  we instead headed towards Hunt's Hill and back up to the main road before turning right at Naphill Farm and running along the ridge, where we were applauded by our efforts by some strange breed known as "the walkers", to Hughenden Manor. Here we took a surprise dodge to the left downhill through thick woods & after many checks and having had our imminent arrival broadcast over the airwaves were met by the entire local population (2) who had rushed out to greet us in their dressing gowns, apparently a local custom for visitors held in high esteem, either that or it was the Gladstone re-enactment society out on a dogging session.

The low point of the valley was still calling, so gravity took us tumbling (some more spectacularly than others*) past the church before engaging in a bit of petrol dodging & on up the hill towards Four Ashes before making a left turn Clyde & up the 80m high slope to Cryers Hill where a sprinkling of on backs kept us all in a tight knit & happy group. Some more petrol dodging and leg movement took us to an unmarked downward spiral through Gomms Wood, down Boss Lane & back to the "Valley" before the long slog up to Coombes Farm.

Back on the main road, the hare had either 1. worn themselves out 2. run out of flour or 3. Thought we might beat them to death if they made us run up any more hills, so the on inn took us swiftly along the level pavement to sanctuary & soft comfort of lashings of chip buttys. In deference to Roger's naming duties I name this hash "You can run round our house from here".

*Matt: I believe Mike is doing good rates on his "Moosing in Style" evening course for HWH3 members