Date : 30/09/14
Scribe : Helles Belles
Hounds : 36     Dogs : 0
Recorded distance : 8.38 km
Recorded time : 69.60 min
Uphillness : 131.60 ft

On arrival in the middle of nowhere, AKA The Inn at Emmington, we were met with the perfect hash car park with plenty of space and an inviting looking pub. A good start to the evening .

Audrey went on to promise 5.3 miles for the long and 3.5 for the short, both of which seemed to meet the approval of the masses, as did the promise of no hills and no shiggy. Although as soon as we set off up a very mild incline the grumbles amongst the hash started……'I thought there were no hills'. Mick showed all that it was no problem by running, yes running, while others in his team were walking. His strong efforts were duly noted.

We left the shorts soon after Mick's gallant efforts so I can't be sure he continued running with such vigour, but surely the shorts don't walk as soon as they leave us……….do they? Whatever the case Jade snuck off with the shorts despite her promise to come over to the long side ;-)

The long run did prove to be largely flat, largely around large fields and largely filled with 4 backs as well as lots of flies, flies and more flies. And as if the flies weren't bad enough Sandra then got attacked by a vicious hornet resulting in a very sore looking swollen arm. She valiantly continued on the long despite her injury and continued running strongly to the end.

To ensure I had plenty to write about Natasha also sacrificed herself for the cause, moosing and gaining a bloody knee to show for it. And no it was not a result of her being on my team at the weekend!

We did bump into the walkers a few times in the evening. Apologies to Elvis for the very nearly literally bumping into him – I was trying to run fast to escape the flies, flies and more flies. He did seem to want to come and join the fun of the long so it can't have traumatized him too much.

As we came towards the end of the run Aud cruelly took us past Chinnor Indian and Fish & Chips takeaway – tough for us hungry hashers to keep running past but we were rewarded for our efforts with fabulous onion bhajis, sausage rolls and chips in the pub . Slightly dodgy bar prices though with Audra being charged 3 times the price of Sooper for the same drink – maybe they just liked his glossy locks?

A thoroughly enjoyable run and back in the pub nice and early, despite clocking up 7.5 miles. Well done Aud!