Date : 06/01/15
Hare : Cockers
Scribe : Kamikaze
Venue : The Peacock
Hounds : dunno     Dogs : 0
Recorded distance : 9.01 km
Recorded time : 85.37 min
Uphillness : 830.00 ft

We gathered together at the Peacock for our first Tuesday hash of 2015. Our hare was Ian "Cocker" Cockerill who remarked that he had set the trail earlier that day and got quite damp in the process. So much so that he was wearing natty "Blue Suede Shoes" (one and only Elvis reference for this week) for the evening whilst his normal pair were drying out. Anyway it was cold and dry as we were introduced to a Virgin hasher by the name of Geraldine. Roger assured us that she was the first hasher called Geraldine to run with HWH3 - I cannot confirm nor deny this statement.

Cocker drew various markings on the car park and explained their meaning for Geraldine's benefit and added that there was a long and a short run, 4.9 and 3.4 miles respectively and there was lots of downhills and just a little uphill. 

We started off left from the pub car park and headed down Bolter End Lane under the M40 and past Audrey's humble abode.
We were then guided right in an easterly direction across Wheeler End Common and Bullocks Farm Lane and then across a field or two. I must admit that I had fully intended to pay attention to the route taken but was soon distracted and so all I can say for sure is there were definitely fields and woods and shiggy and brambles to which my bare legs can evidence. (Thanks goes to Nicky) (Ed's aside, that sounds interesting - I guess that everbody must be careful not to let Kerry know about why Kev is thanking Nicky for something she did to him in the woods at night.)

After sometime Cocker indicated that we had reached a point where we could view the impressive Adams Park, home to Wycombe Wanderers Football Club, the current leaders of League Two no less. This would have been more impressive had he arranged for the team to have been using the stadium at this moment, so we could have admired the floodlit vista but this was not the case. Now there is an interesting fact I can share with you lovely folk about WWFC. This is that they are one of only two football teams in the football league to have all of the letters A, B, C, D & E in their name! Bonus points to anyone who can name the other team to share this amazing fact. 

The run continued eventually looping back to Wheeler End, past the Chequers and over and then alongside the M40 before returning to the pub along Finings Road.

Other notable events of run 1275 include:

  • Sarah getting caught in a strategically placed moose-trap and falling into some shiggy, as did Roz, IGSH and Andy- who decieded to save his frail hands and land on his face in the mud.
  • Barney so stressed with having returned to work two days in a row that he went long
  • Kerry warning Rob in no uncertain terms not to wander off with the map and leave the other shorties stranded - and apparently he did behave himself
  • No dogs allowed in the pub!

My thanks to Cocker for his considerable efforts and a very enjoyable hash.