25th Wedding Anniversary Run
Date : 02/06/15
Hare : Kezzer , Kamikaze
Scribe : Barney
Hounds : 43     Dogs : 0
Recorded distance : 10.17 km
Recorded time : 99.90 min
Uphillness : 333.40 ft

Another fine evening and an assembly of hashing celebrities formed ready to celebrate our Kerry and Kev's 25 years of married bliss; certainly this is a good reason to celebrate and they had plenty organised for our enjoyment.

Kev started hashing with us in 2001 and Kerry two or three years before. That adds up to more than half their married life so I think we are honoured they chose to share the day with us.

With a few encouraging words from Roger, Kev set us looking for the trail whilst Kerry revealed her bespoke sporty top proudly declaring "I have been Mrs F since 1990".

Soon we were all heading up Glade Road to cross Chapel Street pass the Old Police Court of 1869 through the park to Trinity Road, Deansfield Close and Seymour Court Road where it was announced the long/short trail split.

LONG RUN: Separating from the shorts we ran up Seymour Court Road, turning left at the point the pavement disappears and headed up across the steep field to Seymour Court Lane. Here we (unsurprisingly), saw the back of Seymour Court – famous mainly for the facts that (unlike local legend), neither Henry VIII's wife (Jane Seymour) nor Jane Seymour (the Bond Girl from Live and Let Die) have anything at all to do with it. Turning left and then left again onto a footpath, we descended rapidly to Mundaydene Lane before ascending yo-yo like up the other side of the valley towards Bovingdon Green. Past the pub, (which the shortcutters had passed some while before) across the green we ran along to, and then down, Happy Valley where I was once involved in an archaeological dig. Interestingly, we entirely failed to find any trace of a (probably apocryphal) Roman Vineyard. We did, however, find mud. Lots of it.

Back to the SHORT RUN: Venturing off with the shorts along Mundaydean Lane we passed the old workhouse to where the Chiltern Way crosses the lane. With a short hesitation to find the route we climbed up the hill towards Bovingdon Green following the Chiltern Way to the Royal Oak in Chalkpit Lane. Across the green and we turned left off the Chiltern Way to follow a narrow path leading across a wide field into a wood soon to emerge left along the bottom of a narrow picturesque valley known locally as Happy Valley. This eventually led us across the Henley Road and pass the exclusive Marlow residences along Pound Lane back to Higginson Park alongside the River Thames and to All Saints church where Kerry and Kev got married on this day all those years ago.

Here Steve, Michelle, Gary and their son Alex were waiting with champagne for everyone. Soon the rest of the hash arrived on the long trail and after refreshments formed an archway of arms at the church gate for the happy couple to pass through and be suitably dowsed in champagne.

With the rest of the hash to finish we all set off together through the churchyard past the Two Brewers and along the alley into Mill Road and left up Lock Road. All was fine except for the swarms of minute whitefly/gnats that filled your gob with every breath; to avoid choking it became important to breathe though your nose. Anyway as we got away from the river and closer to the Marlow Donkey happily there were fewer flies.

Back in the pub: OMG!... special cupcakes, chips and sweetie bags to enjoy. Yet another great social event with HWH3, what could be better combined with some gentle exercise?

Special thanks to Kerry and Kev for a great evening and we'll see you next Tuesday.