Fancy Dress: Theme - 'Baddies'
Date : 28/07/15
Hare : IGSH
Scribe : Mexican Des
Hounds : 45     Dogs : 0
Recorded distance : 6.45 km
Recorded time : 93.78 min
Uphillness : 396.07 ft

Once upon a time in Mexico there lived a bandit called Juan  He was a good baddie and always asked his victims, how was my robbing?, But he wanted to learn how to become better. So one day he set sail with Matt W the Gringo to a baddies running convention.  They picked up from the Caribbean pirates Alan, Graham and (fresh from the North Sea) Mark.  Paul Castro also joined and asked if they could pick up his friend the Colonel from Tripoli.  Later they picked up Jean Jacques, a new hasher from France, and a friendly truck driver took them to England - though what he charged was daylight robbery.

In London they saw a Green Witch and in the meantime Cruella de Vil dogged their footsteps.  On the way to the convention in High Wycombe they found two escaped prisoners Helen and Aaron, financed by Mick with his swag bag.  On arrival they saw Phil and Barney - the former appeared as a former peer and the latter as Blatter.  There were also a number of other sons and daughters of (Burnham) Beeches. Ming introduced the run which was mercifully short in all stages - short was 2.7 miles, medium was 3.5 and long was 5 miles.  Chocolates were offered as we proceeded down New Road and went left at the local shop. At the first stop Audrey and Mike were one short of guessing the number of English King Henrys (it's nine) so they had to skip holding hands to the next check. Andy and Ian plotted the downfall of Batman, and the latter kept us occupied reading his riddles.

We went down a very steep slope after which Mike was encouraged to eat all the flakes.  We ran on through the woods past the stadium and arrived at a newlywed's check, where Carsten had to give his wife a piggyback to the next check.  Juan went with the mediums, though some intrepid hashers went long.  Most of the mediums, shorts and walkers were reunited at the common.  Rasputin had escaped several times but was finally tracked down and forced to re-join the hash. 

Back at Rose and Gerry's they had laid on a marvellous spread of food, along with beers which got the approval of the knowledgeable crowd.  Juan had learned a lot from his fellow villains - one tip was to ask their victims in advance how they would like to be robbed. Roger thanked Rose and Gerry from all of us and gave out the best dressed awards.  The three winners were Maggie and Dave aka Bonny and Clyde; Matt R and Ros as Col Gaddafi and Alex DeLarge from Clockwork Orange; and Nicky the Ice Queen from Narnia.  Their costumes were great and a lot of other people had made a good effort. Well done to the hosts!