Date : 29/09/15
Hare : Rob
Scribe : Cockers
Hounds : dunno     Dogs : 0
Recorded distance : 16.38 km
Recorded time : 92.37 min
Uphillness : 900.00 ft

Towersey was originally a manor estate owned by the "de Tours" family and the "ey" part coming from the Anglo Saxon for "Island" an area of high ground surrounded by marshy ground, therefore, Tours - Ey = Towersey. Wish I had looked this fact up before I put my wet weather trainers on! (geek)

A lovely dry evening welcomed us to an empty car park that everybody except the GM Roger seemed to find easy to pick a vacant space in.
Hare or should I say Hares, Rob, Bethany and Jamie started the pre-run explanation speech without the still parking GM Roger.

Rob explain that all flour was on the RHS and if it wasn't then you were going the wrong way. Also that the distances were........ ? Oh yeah, Quote "I don't have a GPS and I'm not the type of bloke to know the distance" I guess we should have realised what that meant at this point.

Rob explained there were two parts to the run tonight, that there were 3 police stations to see and that there was a chance to see Bee Gee Robin Gibb's grave, yeah I know cheery hey?
Next point, the hounds were herded into "Shorts" and "Longs" the shorts were then corralled into a fleet of cars and driven off somewhere? I have no idea where they went or even if they did any running at all?

On-On was called on the long section and we were off, we headed left out of the pub and straight onto the Phoenix Trail.
The Phoenix trail is a disused railway line that was bought by the Sustrans (Sustainable Transport) charity and converted into a cycle/pedestrian route, it is part of the UK's 14,000 miles of National Cycle Network, Route 57 no less. (geek)
While we were all getting up to a full head of steam on the old railway line (see what I did there, such wit!) we were treated to some contemporary art sculptures produced by the award winning furniture makers Angus Ross (Scotland), shame on you Wycombe boys for not getting that contract! We were also treated to many on backs which had us all shunting, puffing, points changing, steaming and any other train related saying you can think of?

Finally we pulled into the market town of Thame, this is where my bearings were totally lost with a labyrinth of left right, left, straight on, left, left, right turns around the town. Fortunately i had found an ally in Mr Grimsdale "junior" who is local to the area and he had seen flour round the town that day, so I followed him. Rob at this point was playing a game of "try to send Ant back up the road he had just searched". I think Rob was winning 2-1.

We eventually popped out by Waitrose in the town centre and headed towards a church, I'm guessing to see the Late Mr Gibb. We re-grouped at the gate and Rob noticed the time and the fact we had already run 4 miles so he pulled rank on us and ditched the Bee Gee tour. With that we headed into the High street turning left and seemingly heading back to the pub.

There was a welcome stop at the chip shop where Rob was on first name terms with the owners, super hot chips were superbly distributed by Sandra.

 Matthew pointed out we had lost Kev and Elvis in the labyrinth which was a shame as we had started a Mash-up / brainstorming involving the 
"There's a dog in the chip shop swears he's Elvis", 
"He's a liar and i'm not sure about you?"
That kept us going for a mile or so :-) 
We ran up the high street and through the industrial park at this point we came across the short's, not running as ever, just cruising about like naughty teenagers in their cars looking for trouble?
Back up the Phoenix trail and into a very hot pub with cakes chocolates and happy birthday songage!

Great run and Super hot Chips thanks Rob, Bethany and Jamie