Date : 06/10/15
Hare : Ron , Helles Belles
Scribe : Rob
Venue : The Wheel
Hounds : 36     Dogs : 0
Recorded distance : 9.29 km
Recorded time : 88.72 min
Uphillness : 688.00 ft

The hash tonight was a venue near RAF Strike Command where in the event of the Cold War tuning hot in the 1960s they would lead our response in the form of a Vulcan Scramble. Where is this going? (Ed's aside, and where the Hash went?) I hear you cry (I wonder myself) This weekend marks the flying end (again this happened before) of the mighty Vulcan Xh558.

On meeting at the pub we were already on a high state of readiness when our hares called us to attention and gave us the target for tonight (to try to find flour that had been destroyed by our enemy - the wet). Looking around it was evident that some of our number were missing - not lost, that would probably come later! Later we learned that Roger (over and out) was indeed out and had gone AWOL to sunnier climes - put this man on a charge when he returns!

Before long we were airborne - about 6 inches with every stride - and heading out over the field opposite. Our old enemy then reared its head again, rain!! caught in the lights of my fellow hashers. We pressed on to our target (the pub). Over paths and track into fields and wood we pushed on, our hare being a true Pathfinder and laying on-backs in front of us. At the long/short split we were Captained by 'Klingon' of intergalactic fame who knew the woods well. We went past Hughenden Manor of World War II fame, past the icehouse where no doubt modern sportsmen/women/persons come to relax. There we met fellow wild men who were out on their bikes enjoying some R and R before the next day's onslaught. We pushed on to the target, as we neared the pub our Captain left us to it, making him a Maverick, if he's a Maverick then who's Goose?

With a few sharp turns our trip was over, runway selected (the road to the pub) we could see the landing lights of the pub ahead of us. As we crossed the road my feet kissed the tarmac just like the Vulcan will at the end of the month and then we knew it was over.

Back to the crewroom ( the bar) we told stories of our epic evening of daring slips (or Mooses - another of Maverick's friends? where's Viper in all this?), of torches going out - I must remember new batteries - all accompanied by chip butties, so good it's worth saying again, all accompanied by chip butties. Well done to our hares and I'm sorry if the plane links are too much for some of you but if not then please go onto XH558's website to see how she will inspire the next generation including getting more women into engineering.

I know the report runs at a bit of a tangent but I am truly grateful after being unwell for a number of years that I am hashing again and enjoying what I thought would never return, and I leave you with one last thought:

"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened!"