Date : 04/10/16
Scribe : Budgie
Venue : The Crown
Hounds : 36     Dogs : 0
Recorded distance : 9.69 km
Recorded time : 95.05 min
Uphillness : 672.60 ft

What a perfect autumn evening for a hash; in fact in many ways it was more vernal than autumnal. However, I wasn't going hashing, I had other commitments and it was not a perfect autumn evening to catch a train to Marlylebone, So instead of heading to the Crown or to Gerrards Cross I found myself heading to Slough (as a result of an earlier signal box fire in the Marylebone area).

So while  a good number of hardy High Wycombe Hashers gathered at the Crown in Radnage  for 3 mile short run or a 5.3 mile long run I was late gathering at Waterloo Firestation (apparently it's now a bar!) for pre-theatre drinks - which meant I missed out on said drinks. According to the hare, all on-backs were to be four (scribe's note: did anyone notice the pattern to my on-backs??); this lead to some expert pacing to ensure that  hashers were in 5th place and conversely, the FRB's had a clear target.

Back in London I was at the bar at the Old Vic trying to fit in a quick pint before the start of the show. While I may have 'won' on the early drinks stakes, I was gutted to hear that this Hash learnt all about the Ninja Turtle House  ( I noticed this last time we ran in these parts, but was too bashful to ask). Apparently there are decorative turtles in the garden of this former residence of Ian Anderson (of Jethro  Tull).

Not surprisingly for a Hash in these parts there was the standard … errm … 'opinions' that it was rather heavily undulating, although by way of compensation the stars were spectacular on Tuesday evening. Meanwhile I was watching the star of the show from Row E - Lisa Dwan in Beckett's  'No's Knife'. The staging was spectactular. The content, shall we say 'challenging' - ok according to one of the crits this piece was one the author  "never intended to be performed" but was "enigmatic and demanding" …hmmmm …indeed! Perhaps Poppy also found the evening enigmatic and demanding as she seemed to think that any runner in a yellow shirt was her 'dad', even resorting to a taste test of Paul - just to make sure!

Another fun fact from our Hare was 'revealed' (I use the term advisedly), was that while setting the hash , a "really weird bloke" was encountered, near Andridge Common, pulling up his trousers.

Having conquered the route which made it's way through some pretty hilly countryside around several woodlands  and some farms the hasher's settled in  to plentiful chips but limited beers (XT and Rebellion) at a very reasonable £3.60 and pricey Lime and Soda at £1.75. Back in Waterloo, having conquered the "demanding" No's Knife, I settled in to some plentiful tapas and what felt like equally plentiful wine.

While I had the pleasure of live music to accompany my dinner, the Hash had the pleasure of Sooper filling for our missing GM … I'm pleased to say that Roger is expected to make a return for Tosca duties.

So well done Aud for a hilly hash, well done the Crown for proper chips (as opposed to microwaved potato logs (editor: err … what???) and well done Sooper for stepping up for the second hash in a row!