Date : 28/02/17
Hare : Hawkeye
Scribe : Rocky Road
Hounds : 21     Dogs : 0
Recorded distance : 10.22 km
Recorded time : 132.65 min
Uphillness : 464.40 ft

Unlike some, I don't shirk my duty as scribe. No, I didn't really try and get Kev to do it, did I? Cheers Kev it's an apple juice next time. Perhaps I should have tried Matt W as he seems to like writing for some reason?

I shall set aside my guide books to Vietnam /Cambodia and Angkor Wat 'n all that and attempt a hash trash before we travel to far off lands and before I forget what happened on Tuesday.

Well the hashers slowly trickled into the car park at The Sports Club Farnham Common, while the early arrivals were wondering:

a) were they in the right place?
b) would there be a quorum?
c) why is Zorro in a Father Christmas onesie?

Many hashers defected to Austria or somewhere cold to play in the snow but we managed to muster just over 20 I think, not bad for a dark, wet, February evening.

Hawkeye sauntered along from his back door and assured us of flour always on the right but beware a symbol, used in foreign hashes, which resembled "a hot cross bun" -I like that analogy Dave, whereas Alan thought Hawkeye didn't know his alphabet, F was too difficult a concept for a false trail. Its a pity Kevin arrived late and missed the speech and promptly ran on half a mile through the said check looking to catch the pack.

Meanwhile, the pack headed up Christmas Lane and arrived at a crossroads, but no Kevin. Audrey in a vibrant marshall outfit and Barney, decided to track back and look for the missing hasher. We hashers are a friendly lot, well done Aud and Barney putting in the extra mile.

The rest carried on through trees and out onto Andrew Hill Lane close to Hedgerley.

A left off said lane took us to Pennlands Farm where we regrouped. Andy and Anthony were dispatched to rround up the 3 missing hashers and they galloped off happy to oblige and tot up extra miles. The happy sight of 5 lights coming down through the woods reassured us that all were found and they soon joined the happy throng.

The long short split was announced and the Longs set off on a mammoth loop through Dorney Bottom and onto the A355 at Dorney Hill. While the shorts did an easy loop I know not where. Meanwhile Tick went awol and had to lifted over a barbed wire fence and then over a stile to rejoin the hash at the main road.

Mike was absent, so no fear of him heading up the A355 to the motorway service station this time! Not a pleasant section along the roadside to reach a footpath on the bend. A lumpy bumpy field followed and the pack endeavoured to stay together with many on backs. Andy must have clocked up 30+ but I gave up counting about 25 and lost the will to live at the back! Andy was still doing on backs in the car park back at the Sports Club. Perhaps he hadn't quite made 10 miles or whatever his target is!

I managed a decent 5.7 miles, thanks to all those on backers who offered words of encouragement to the septuagenarian. Its all a bit of a blur but apparently we went through Hangings Wood, Ship Hill, Jennings Farm and Harehatch Lane which brought us back to the A355 where I guess the shorts had crossed on their loop. On through Egypt Woods where Crazy Alan told me of crazy things they do bike training, onto Dukes Drive, and finally across the main road, down the footpath with a welcome On Inn as the rain began to fall.

It seems Zorro had an birthday, hence the dressing up and Nicky too, with brand new birthday trainers to prove it ( a present from Zac who muddied them up at the start by treading on them). They were to encounter a lot more shiggy than that by the time we finished, even if Nicky did bathe them in a stream to restore them to their former glory. Better that than the hash custom I am told to drink a pint of beer from your new shoes!

Talking of shoes........Mick stepped into the GM's shoes and led the birthday singing with our band of 'select' hashers and thanked Hawkeye for a well marked, enjoyable hash. Thanks also for well-received chips and to Nicky for cakes.

I think I deserve a siesta now .........zzzzzzzzz!