Date : 11/04/17
Scribe :
Venue : The Crown
Hounds : 36     Dogs : 0
Recorded distance : 9.29 km
Recorded time : 89.77 min
Uphillness : 733.60 ft

You don’t need two guesses where we’ll be when it’s Jo’s hash...... Yes the Crown an excellent choice Jo with loads of car parking, curtsey of the local church, a pub with plenty of space, chips, cheap lime and soda and very acceptable priced beer.

The usual concern when setting a hash is the lack of flour marking the trial and everyone getting lost, although they always turn up at the pub eventually. Jo’s concern was “too much flour” which even if it’s not quite in the right place has in my experience never been a problem.

At first the path was through the posh houses between two high fences along by their back gardens rather like running along blinkered. It was all downhill, which is a kind start for us veterans, until we arrived at the wood and then in contrast it was all up hill. Reaching the top I recognised the check was either left to the Dolphin or right to the Beech Tree, more reliable than GPS navigation by pub never fails.

Out across Totteridge Common we arrived at the Beech Tree and Mark Bellamy acting lollipop person controlled the traffic. Mmm.... more like played with the A404 traffic as he took on a builders van eager to get home. Safely across we set off by hide the large white house towards and across Hazlemere Rec. to the long/short split.

The longs headed off west towards Four Ashes to encounter wild Tuesday adventures like herds of roaming Buffalo and running with packs of screaming hyenas whilst us shorts had a much more sedate ramble across the farmers fields to Widmere End Village Hall and site of the former “The Standard” pub before aimlessly skirting the edge of cosy corner en-route back to Hazlemere Rec and The Crown.

Back in the pub we learn Gerry was distributing the last issue of the Hash Trash. These Tuesday evening are a changing and many of us will miss the cryptic phrases and jokes as well as the very handy runs list to remind me where next Tuesday’s hash would be set. Gerry has been reliably and voluntarily producing the hash trash and managing the web site for many years and we all owe you our thanks and gratitude for the many hours you have put in to supporting and maintaining HWH3.

Finally thanks to Jo for another fine run from the Crown and an excellent crispy chip or two.