Date : 11/07/17
Scribe : Moose
Venue : The Red Lion
Hounds : 26     Dogs : 2
Recorded distance : 9.19 km
Recorded time : 99.15 min
Uphillness : 774.50 ft

A few days ago you may recall, Boris our foreign sec told the E.U. that they could go whistle when he was informed that we here in the U K would have to play a very large sum to leave the European union. The Greeks when told that if they were going to get any more money, they would have to get off there lazy butts, stop taking three hour lunch breaks, pay some taxes, and do some work. At this the attitude was about the same as Boris, go whistle. this did not go down well in Brussels. A large finger was pointed at the Greek's and they were given a proper telling off, Boris however was thought of as a bit of a cheeky git.

I tried this position with Roger when he told me that it was my turn to write the runs report. I told him to go whistle. I got more of the Greek response, and not the Boris response that I had hoped for, get off your lazy butt, stop the three hour lunch breaks, and do some work. Do some writing how about the runs report.

So with lunch shortened to just two hours, this is it.

I don't usually pay much attention to where we are going, and tonight was just the same. I was chatting to Paul about vinyl, that's the black round thing with a hole in the middle, and not what you where thinking. Was given a map though - so for all you people who looked out off the window on Tuesday night and thought, hell! I'm not going out in that. I know it was proper raining but shame on you, a good number of us did the thing, and did it right.

From the map then. Out of the pub car park, which was fast becoming the village pond, down the track at the side of the pub and across the field to the bottom, turn right, up the hill to the road, across the and around Ongar Hill farm, down the road to the busy A something or other, near the pub that used to be called The Magpies. It's now something else, Slug pelt and Lettice, Yard of top soil, or Purple Frog, you know the thing, cross the road thru the woods, out the other side and down the lane left into the field and then up to that A road again, but a bit further down from that pub, the Knife and chalk. Across the busy A thing and into yet another field, and up to the long short split - where about twenty bedraggled nutcases decided, despite being nearly drowned and well wet, washed up the long route of a further mile or so. Up the hill, across the road, down the hill, back up again up to the road, a bit further down, and with the light fading, and the rain getting even harder, ended up with the tide turning, at the pub.

The pub, one of those Farrow and Ball painted efforts, with tea lights, and a false fire place, I was mugged! Forget the plates of chips like railway sleepers, forget the rocky road supplied by err Rocky road, forget that at last we were dry, I was robbed. £3.65 for a pint or lemonade, oh come on!! if I had had some ice in it, that would have made it half a pint of water and half a pint of lemonade or over £7,50 a pint. The last time I was so ripped it was in Marlow and that time it was £6 That pub has now gone a has been replaced by a row or houses, got to say and I'll not lie if this pub wants my trade again, they can whistle.

To Maggie and Dave, a very brave effort under rubbish conditions, appreciated by all. Well done!!!!