Date : 06/02/18
Hare : Ron , Helles Belles
Scribe : Klingon
Hounds : 30     Dogs : 4
Recorded distance : 12.70 km
Recorded time : 97.25 min
Uphillness : 1095.00 ft

With snow forecast for the evening, perhaps we should not have been surprised to see Ant running in leggings and a hat instead of his usual T-shirt and shorts. It was pretty chilly so tried to keep warm where the smokers have a heated outside area. The cigarette smell was just too overpowering, so back out to hear the end of the hares briefing with light snow falling.

The hares for the evening Ron and Helles Belles told us the shorts would be about 3.5 miles and longs 6.1 miles plus, quite flat, not much shiggy. The main point was that we must keep quiet towards Hicknaham farm as the owner was not happy with us running across his land in the dark.

Off we went down Green Common Lane, left through Odds Farm and the mobile home park, and across a field to find our hare Helles Belles reminding us that this was where we should tip toe quietly. As we did not see any animals and we were on footpaths this was a bit over the top by the farmer; perhaps he was just grumpy.

By this time I was hobbling along at the back acting as the turn point for the on-backs, must have added some distance for the FRB’s! Over the road into Boveney Wood and down Abbey Park Lane to the Long / Short split with Helles Belles the hare for the shorts and Ron the longs. The longs ran off all the way through Burnham Beeches to Farnham Common and back.

Helles Belles guided the shorts back past the Blackwood Arms where we inspected the plaque attached to a Telegraph pole for Mike Gilby – one of the original High Wycombe hashers who collapsed and died here. Across Littleworth Common and down the footpath opposite to come out on Wooburn Common Road. By now it was snowing hard. Helles Belles and Moist were setting a very fast unfamiliar pace at the front for the shorts so after a short diversion through the woods on the left we were pleased to be back at the pub.

It was good to be back in the Royal Standard which was warm and cosy, with a vast variety of beer and an amazing choice of proper cider. Good chips and birthday boys additions to the eats including iced lollies! Iced lollies on the snowiest hash so far this year – ah well, could only happen on a Hash.

Roger compared pairs of hashers to see who was most deserving of the Tosca award. How he chose to compare Zorro who was brave enough to set the hash along a footpath I had been trying to find a way to use for over ten years, and myself for the mistaken route on my hash when the longs cut off a mile and a half or so and Roger had the map I’ll never understand.

Anyway it was a very convivial evening in the bar and thanks to Ron and Helles Belles for a great hash.