Date : 05/06/18
Scribe : Cockers
Venue : The Plough
Hounds : 36     Dogs : 3
Recorded distance : 10.64 km
Recorded time : 89.97 min
Uphillness : 334.80 ft

It was a clear bright evening with a hint of “is summer really here?”...

Arthur convinced me that I should go out running with him so fortunately it was a Tuesday evening and we all know what that means don't we kids? Hash night… right, let's log onto tinternet and see who is setting it and where it is?

Mmm well Hyde Heath is not particularly close for us “9 o’clockers!” (That is a geographical reference to where one comes from relative to the center of the hash gravitational pull) ie, Those Marlow boys are 6 o’clockers and Roger will be a 1 o’clocker.. Well I think I might just have made up a whole new hash grid reference system for you all… ha ha, you're welcome!

Ok, so we get to Hyde Heath and drive onto the common opposite the pub, we pass a sign saying “No parking on the common” but allegedly ‘Lord Roger of Homer Green’ had gotten special dispensation for us to steady our steads there for the evening so who is going to argue with his lordship?

The usually rabble and babble of a hash start up prevailed, Roger was trying to explain things and no one was listening again… we did all catch one of his comments that Jess had gotten married that morning and that the drinks were on Roger as we got back to the pub… (not sure that happened Roger? Maybe this week we will open a tab for you?)

5 ways to check so we meandered unenthusiastically away from the Plough.

Now when I got home and realised I had to do the write up I tried to remember any bullet points of what happened on the run but it was a lovely sunny evening with not much going on, no mooses that i saw? A little bit of up and down, a little bit of road, a little woodland and some fields with horses and sheep in (I think there were some sheep jokes flying around but I didn't get involved this that tom foolery.)

Tim did take me aside and tell me that he have helped in the clear up of a dog egg that arthur had laid on the trail, I thanked him and then joked that I hoped I wasn't going to get an invoice for this procedure, his eyes did light up with that comment so everyone that knows where I live, please dont tell Tim!

When getting back to the pub Arthur and I entered the building from the wrong end and had to stand, and WAIT! For the local darts team to throw their darts before we could sneak through to the opposite end of the pub where we had a velvet roped area set aside for Lord Rog.

Oh and just like a good sandwich Roger was chatting on at the end of the evening too (no one listening again) Simon and Louise had a new system for that, stick your fingers in your ears and he goes a little quieter darling! I SAID STICK YOUR FINGERS… oh never mind..

Tee shirt for the Eager Beaver 250 runs, and the Toscka went out to someone too I think, even I had finished listening by then...

Lovely run, lovely food, many thanks Roger

Oh and a special congratulations for Jess…