Date : 19/06/18
Hare : Klingon
Scribe : Klingon
Hounds : 28     Dogs : 4
Recorded distance : 11.49 km
Recorded time : 95.10 min
Uphillness : 1234.00 ft

It was a beautiful warm Tuesday evening for this run a couple of days before mid-summers day, from a very friendly pub, the Pink & Lily. Roger introduced three new hares, and one returning from some time ago; must have been seduced by the fine day. Roger also asked for someone to write up the run and when no-one volunteered the hare agreed to do it. So now you know that nothing about this incredible run is likely to be very true. Did someone say vested interest?

The hare described the run as Klingon’s annual mid-summer flat run, this time to see the orchids. Long’s about 5.5 miles and they are going to see thousands of orchids and short’s about 3.5 miles and they would see one orchid if they are lucky. Walkers have their own map. Set Monday evening so flour on right should still be OK. On backs for the longs mostly 4’s.

So off we went checking it out 5 ways and into Hillock Wood where the whole pack swept straight by a slug eaten check mark only to be called back by the hare and made our way right towards Redland End. After a couple of checks we ran along the Grim’s Ditch earthwork to re-group on the Hampden Estate. I say ran but with the warm evening most of the hash were hardly running allowing the FRB’s to do a lot of back checking – Andy as usual etc.

Instead of declaring which way was for the long’s and which short’s the hare called for a check-it-out much to the pack’s confusion. As chaos reigned the hare called the directions but not before some had taken the long route, maybe by mistake.

The long’s took a zigzag route across to Pulpit Hill towards Great Kimble, down an extremely flat path to the old Rifle Butts where there are thousands of orchids all at peak display this week. Meanwhile fast walkers Ken + 1 decided to short cut Pulpit Hill and go down the road to the Plough at Cadsden, whereupon they headed up to Whiteleaf Cross and back to the Pink & Lily so probably going further than anyone else that evening. The longs returned via the Plough, along the valley and up an extremely short hill to come out at Green Hailey, back along the road and through the wood to the On Inn.

The merry band of 11 shorts walked through Kingsfield Wood and back towards the pub, but the hare called the run on to Brimmers Farm with fantastic views on the way. Back up the flat path through a hay field a solitary orchid was indeed found with Mick having to be called on after having taken a very keen interest in the specimen. In fact the new hashers found several more orchids on the upper unploughed slope. Shortly after another flat part the shorts found the On In much to Micks’ anguish and insistence that it should be changed to On Inn.

Back at the Pink & Lily chips arrived and Roger started his talk. Whilst the chips were going down Roger continued his talk. After the chips were finished Roger continued his talk, something to do with Jess’s marriage blessing later in the week in France to the North of Montpelier towards the Cevennes. Sounded lovely but I’m afraid I left before Roger finished or did he?

Thank you for everyone who turned up and put up with the hares’ instructions.

On On