Date : 03/07/18
Hare : Rocky Road , Dave
Scribe : Mexican Des
Venue : The Plough
Hounds : 27     Dogs : 2
Recorded distance : 11.64 km
Recorded time : 102.63 min
Uphillness : 493.81 ft

Not being a resident of Bucks, I can rarely guess the likely trail.  However this time I had a feeling that I could figure out which way we would go.  To my delight, we went exactly along the route that I had expected.  But that’s enough about my run the previous week.  I had no clue where Maggie and Dave would take us.

Those who could tear themselves away from England's match assembled in the Plough.  After Poppy and Summer calmed down Maggie said she set the trail yesterday and today so as long as the monk-jacks hadn’t eaten the flour it should be visible.  Longs 5 ½; Shorts 3 ½ with options.  A water stop for all.

We started in the direction of Penn Bottom with even on-backs 2-4-6-2. Ant was so absorbed in Alan’s cycling trip stories that he became the third person in a 2 on-back.  I was relieved that I did not have to wear my Mexican hat in this hot weather, they having lost to Brazil.

Undeterred by forgetting his running shoes, Martin ran in Crocs (gardening clogs).  Last week I learned about (Ricky) running sisters and this week about (Haldon) trail runners, courtesy of Liz.  Apparently they’re quite fast and don’t run to or from pubs.

To cool down a bit we went through part of Common Wood then Charcoal Grove and had a water stop. The pack was still all together when we went past the Hit or Miss and the Squirrel at Penn Street.  After 3 miles we split, us shorts going down through Priestlands Wood to the pub, with not much change out of 4 miles.

I was hoping that England had won, having learned through Andy that they led at 84 minutes.  But Dave signaled 1-1 as I approached the pub and the torture was to continue.  The longs had gone up to, but Maggie ensured not over, the A404 then down close to the Plough.  Then they ran away down Whielden Lane to the former Queens Head (shut in 1998) and through West Wood (is that in a lea?) back to our rub-a-dub.

Seasoned footie fans such as Mick, Barney, Ken and myself were all too interested in the game on the big screen.  But as penalties approached we moved outside, leaving Mike to keep us informed. This is apparently a first for him and he has discovered the excitement of a football match. We had to advise him that offside does not mean the ball has gone off the side of the pitch.  Also he was struggling with how extra time works, so here’s summary:

Extra time is the additional time allowed for interruptions to normal time in each of the first and second halves. If there is no result then normal time becomes extra time.  Both of the first and second halves (which are really quarters) of extra time (like normal time) have extra time.  If after normal time (including extra time) and extra time (including extra time) there is still no result then the team who have head-butted their opponents the least is the winner.

The pizza and Rocky Road’s rocky road were very nice. T-shirts were given to Pink Panter for 100 runs; Mick for 850; and Barney for 1,200. A well-decorated (c/o Andy’s wife I believe) magneto was given to Helen for stubbing a toe in a good cause (see Roger’s recent write-up).  Oh and Barbara Windsor apparently once owned this pub.  Oh and England won on penalties, but don’t tell Aid (Moose) as he recorded the match to watch later.  Thanks Maggie and Dave for a most enjoyable summer run.