Date : 13/11/18
Hare : Speedbump , Sarah
Scribe : Glenn-fiddich
Hounds : 52     Dogs : 5
Recorded distance : 10.50 km
Recorded time : 85.02 min
Uphillness : 1483.00 ft

In perfect conditions we all enjoyed a hash from the Earl Howe in Holmer Green – less than two miles from the previous week’s truly excellent hash from The Mayflower.

It was a pleasant run, without too much to write home about. A few things of note did happen though…

The on-back straight after a kissing gate meant that, after a bemused couple of seconds, the ones running back decided to do laps of the mini field that they were in as they obviously weren’t going be able to get back through the constant flow of traffic at the kissing gate!

Near the end of the run Ron got a bit carried away and actually reached the pub before we realised that we had gone the wrong way! Anyway, all of us turned around with a bit of a groan (so close, yet so far)! I honestly don’t know whether Ron came back and re-joined us for the rest of the run though!

And, probably for only about the second time in the past couple of months, Ade didn’t Moose! Woohoo!

Jo updated me on the short run, which was apparently a very pleasant jog with lots of chatting and stretching – especially Ryan who even took to sitting down in the middle of the road to release tension in his hamstrings!

After everyone (and not just Ron) had retired to the pub, we were treated to a generous serving of chips. Then Roger stepped up – some amazing milestones had recently been reached and he had some questionably sized t-shirts to dish out!

Paul Brewer received his 150 run T-shirt. An brilliant achievement when you think he only started running with us less than three and a half years ago!

Paul Tanner has been hashing since 1975, with a variety of different clubs, but has only been with HWH3 since 2010 – in that time he has completed 300 runs as one of us.

And then a very touching moment when Roger presented Roz with her 350 run T-shirt!

Well done you three!


Whilst it was a very straightforward, enjoyable run, there’s not much else to say. So, instead, I will enlighten you on the history of name of the pub (and the road on which it lies)…

Earl Howe is a title that has been created twice in British history, for members of the Howe and Curzon-Howe family respectively. The first title of Earl Howe was given to the celebrated British naval Admiral Richard Howe in 1788. He had three daughters and no sons, so the title disappeared for 22 years following his death in 1799. His daughter married Penn Curzon and their son received the earldom held by his maternal grandfather. 

Penn Curzon was the son of ‘Baron Curzon, of Penn in the County of Buckingham’, hence the local link. Since then there have been a further six Earl Howes, with jobs ranging from a General in the army, to a Conservative politician, to an actor! Diana, Princess of Wales is of direct lineage to the first Earl Howe, being his great-great granddaughter.