Date : 15/01/19
Scribe : Legover
Hounds : 49     Dogs : 3
Recorded distance : 9.09 km
Recorded time : 91.77 min
Uphillness : 1354.00 ft

Lots of Be Military Fit new recruits to hashing. Myself, Jo and Glen have been busy recruiting for the hash!

Here goes: Charlene, Huw, Chris, Louise, Darren, Spencer Harding and his friend, Anni and her friend Maddy. Another massive turnout for virgin hare Rachael.

We turned down track into Kings Wood. A little bit of up and down then a nasty false trail quite early on, up steep path between posh back gardens.
Chris Oxley, Darren, Huw and Charlene are up there with the FRB’s checking it out.

Top tip- don’t follow Chris Oxley aka (Pocket Rocket) when checking out the route. It never went the way he checked out. Unless you want to guarantee extra mileage of course.

Wing Commander did a very stylish 5.9, 5.9, 5.9 wipeout in woods down towards Micklefield. Simon Cole also moosed in Kings Wood along with a whole host of other hashes.

In the bottom of the woods we had the long/short split.

We then went up part of cardiac hill in the woods before peeling off right. Always a good gallop on the horses. Giddy Up!

We then wiggled round past mountain bike jumps etc. and came out of the woods by TGMS and cemetery.

We went down the steps and track parallel with Cock Lane. This is where Helen and Huw twisted their ankles but like true hero’s, brushed it off and carried on.

We ended up back in civilisation with some tough hills round Micklefield on roads and tracks. We eventually turned left up this skinny track with shit loads of steps and a perfectly positioned bench for a quick rest! We then skirted round behind the school and along the top edge of Kings Wood, hugging the rear of Totteridge. After some time we popped out the woods across the green and back to the pub.

Chips looked unlikely after staffing issues but they did come out at 10:15pm. Better late than never. Downed very quickly, as our stomachs thought our throats had been cut! Lovely hash Rachel. Really enjoyable, lots of hills. Top effort.