Date : 05/03/19
Scribe : Barney
Venue : The Crown
Hounds : 36     Dogs : 2
Recorded distance : 10.14 km
Recorded time : 110.12 min
Uphillness : 745.19 ft

36 hashers with 3 virgin hashers... So a good turnout for Jo and Glen’s crowning return to The Crown. Especially as many of our regulars are away skiing or on holiday.

The short cutters soon after the split went a rye and tramped half the length of Four Ashes Road and back Pryor to discovering any flour trail! –Hence in true hashing spirit had to short cut most of the remainder just to ensure the 3.3 miles Jo declared at the start was adhered too.

Short cutters returned to the pub just ahead of the rain whilst the real hashers returned like drowned rats.

HASH HEADLINES - Bit of a dry do for Mick... seen drinking just a soft drink! Must be a hash first Mick?

Acting GM ... Headmistress Sarah brought order to the classroom thanking Jo and Glen for another excellent hash and requested a volunteer to do this write up, whilst there were some mutterings amongst the children nobody put their hand up so you’ll just have to accept these vague notes.
Despite the chips arriving late, think some hashers had left by then, they were exceptionally good with the buttered bread for your creative butties. More over there were ample bowls that kept on arriving even as I was preparing to leave.