Date : 28/01/20
Hare : Nice Butt , Gary
Scribe : Twinkle Toes & Lady Spooner
Hounds : 38     Dogs : 3
Recorded distance : 9.29 km
Recorded time : 88.50 min
Uphillness : 1191.36 ft

This weeks hares were Nice Butt and his virgin partner Gary. Coincidentally, Nice Butt had scribed our hash the previous week, he enlightened those who needed to know, the origin of SHIGGY and then continued to suggest it’s dry equivalent COCKY. 

This weeks hash was perhaps set to encourage the use of the new vocabulary, as we were guided around a very variable course of SHIGGY, COCKY, SHIGGY, COCKY, SHIGGY.... and so on. 

During one of these COCKY parts Nice Butt was spotted riding an orange space hopper. We believe that he is right in thinking that COCKY may not catch on, but maybe we should instead be finding a warning call for ‘Hare on a large inflated ball’?

There was certainly a lot of slipping and sliding going on this week. Gary was a true gentleman and stayed at the tail of the longs encouraging the more cautious runners to enter into the depths of the SHIGGY.

Billy was having lots of fun jumping in and out of puddles and splashing poor Twinkle Toes who was doing her best balletic twinkling and trying to keep her new pretty leggings clean.

Rather stern orders of “Open your legs and get a move on!” were heard. This certainly got some of the careful plodders moving and the run picked up pace a little.

Poor Nicola was so busy chatting to her bestie that she almost ran straight into the roped off cricket wicket and managed to just avoid treating us all to a monumental Moose. Try harder next time Nickers? 

The shorts (according to trusty reports) fell into three groups :

Group 1) who spotted the pub en route and abandoned the hash

Group 2) who lost their way because group 1 had taken the map

Group 3) the walkers, who successfully navigated their way round the route and did NOT get lost. Well done Moneypenny and Spy!

Back at the Brickies there were chips a plenty and the wherewithal to make the finest chip butties. Also, the bake off team had arranged a savoury week and lots of tasty treats were enjoyed by all. 

Cone head was awarded his 100th T shirt and people were encouraged to dress up for Saturdays Christmas bash. 

Overall, a very good evening, a bit parky, but no rain.

A big thank you to Nice Butt and Gary. 

And now some Bricklayer jokes for you:

‘My wife’s in the Bricklayers  arms’, well as long as she’s not in the Hashers arms....

My friend is dating an Italian Bricklayer......... It’s cement to be.

What do you call a volunteer Bricklayer?   

A Freemason