Date : 27/04/21
Scribe :
Venue : The Squirrel
Hounds : 42     Dogs : 5
Recorded distance : 8.39 km
Recorded time : 62.87 min
Uphillness : 108.59 ft
Extra pre-hash info

The hash starts from The Squirrel in Penn Street but please don’t leave your vehicle in their car park while you run. There is a decent amount of on-street parking, and also a Woodland Trust car park (free, no height restriction, open 24hrs) by the Holy Trinity Church. 

The long route is roughly 5.3 miles and the short is 3.5 miles. The first L/S split is at the start (in case of flour fading/rubbing out, I would suggest Longs check left out of the pub and Shorts check right) and there is a second L/S split around the two mile mark (if you started short; three mile of you started long). From there, the short is not marked but it follows the waymarked arrows labelled ‘Penn and Common Wood Long Trail’. If you would like a distance in between, either start in the long and then go short at the split, or start on the short and go long at the split. 

Almost all of the flour is on the right, the except the first section of the long and the odd check. 

On on!

Female Prerogative

Long map

Long map with gradients

Short map

Short map with gradients

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