Date : 04/05/21
Hare : Wing Co
Scribe :
Venue : WWI Trenches
Hounds : 40     Dogs : 6
Recorded distance : 0.00 km
Recorded time : 0.00 min
Uphillness : 0.00 ft
Extra pre-hash info

OPERATION HASHER  (Hide And Survive Helicopter pilot Extraction & Recovery)

This is conscription survival training so please bring everything you need including gas-mask, rifle, webbing, tin hat and rations

  • Your mission after some initial trench training is to find the helicopter pilot behind enemy lines and recover the vitally important camera footage he has.
  • Ensure the correct post operation medication is consumed to counter the effects of any mustard gas you may have been exposed to behind enemy lines.
  • Britannia Pub is available for those who did not bring sufficient rations.

Irrelevant Details

Long   9Km / 5.6 miles
Short   6.8Km  / 4.1 miles
The flour is mainly on the right except for marks, 21, 25 and 33 where the land mines are.

Download a map here.

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